Saturday, June 23, 2012

Win iPod touch on Filebook Facebook Contest

Its easy to do, just like If you like to win this Ipod touch. Join the Filebook latest Facebook  Contest. Its easy to do just click sign up to win. I made a review about greatest championship on Boxing live replay last week. You may visit the site to find out interesting topics about Transformers, Korean Movie, Music, Games, eBooks, Videos and Hollywood hits.  

Filebook is the first digital content platform in the Country where you can upload & download files. It also give reviews to latest and classic movies like Battleship, Catch me if you can, Twilight Saga and many more. You can sell your contest here and make money online. You upload something then somebody download then you earn cash. 

You can buy stuff here by downloading content. Now if you are new, starting or a  good artist,  professional or writer. Or somebody who has extraordinary talent then sell it online. You can upload your stuff here then sell it to the public. Now, If your looking for something then you can download and buy from this pro's. 

No need to hassle yourself going to bookstores or shops. So make it easy and accessible like itunes or any paid android or mac application.  Welcome to the digital world!  Where buyers, sellers, fans, artist, pro's and businesses meets together.  Getting equal fair share  of the market with mutual benefits understanding. Visit for more info.

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