Friday, June 15, 2012

Pacman On Boxing Action, see replay in Filebook

Ive been chasing and making a lot of critic about Manny's boxing fight for a decade. I saw a lot of and improvement on the peak of his career. From being featured to Time, Forbes and Esquire Magazines. To being ranked as the top earner in sports boxing category. One thing for sure about boxing is that you can be beaten anytime. 

Even a big risk for your life as a contact sports used for entertainment. I blog about Pacquaio Vs Marquez, Barrera, Cotto, Margarito critics from world press tour to post critic fight after a shocking result. Last week at MGM Arena that enables the hollywood and world gone out of crazy to witness how exciting and dirty the boxing is.

But if you want to see his previous fights on how he slaughter the proud boxers. As test of Character and better competition manner as the time goes by. And give a friendly boxing fight to humble and deserving remarkable lifetime square memorabilia to boastful boxers. You may buy a replay  of the action im talking about here in for less than a dollar. Boxing is a dangerous but a very entertaining and exciting sports game. 

As we know piracy are everywhere. And professionals, artist,  purist, fair citizens even business aficionados would not appreciate its value. If  they found out and knew violate the rights of this boxing heroes.  So, lets buy original content as a tribute and support the career of this glorious boxers, companies even to fallen and injured boxers. That give excitement and action to our life. 

Another option for convenience is the online store like filebook which features specific products and downloads for  various niche enthusiasts. Like me in boxing, for we know that its an Olympic sport as the same time an exciting entertainment. Ideal for family, business and friends bonding moment which fans truly deserve.

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