Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tradecon & YakitoriQ Food Card @ PICC 2012

(L-R) Ms. Judy King Tecson, Senior Vice President, BPI,Ms. Sapna A.Uttamchandani, Vice President/Treasurer, Esquire International Financing, Inc.,Mr. Ramon Sy, Vice Chairman, Asia United Bank, Cory Quirino (TV/Radio Host) ,Mr. Timmy G. Tan, Chairman SK Techno-lube Corporation,Allied Bank, Mr. Ashok Uttamchandani, Chairman, Esquire International Financing, Inc.,Ms.Tin Patrimonio (Celebrity, Pinoy Big Brother housemate) , Rajan Uttamdanchani (CEO, Esquire Financing Inc.), Mildred Caballero (President, Tradecon)
THE YEAR’S BIGGEST BUSINESS EXPO HELD AT THE PICC – The 4th Philippine Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)and FranchiseExpo which had for its theme “Grow Your Business” wasrecently presented by Tradecon Inc.  and Esquire Financing Inc.For three days, it brought together various businesses and brands which included franchising, direct selling, retailing and networking. 
Randell Tiongson, business columnist and financial adviser, as well as Chinkee Tan , tv and radio host and wealth coach gave motivational talks on how change in the Filipino mindset can help empower  each one in attaining our financial goals. Esquire Financing, Inc. also presented its service, providing intelligent funding and strategic guidance with its principle that SMEs should never remain SME’s because every business has the brimming capacity to become large.

From group buying sites, financial, training schools, foodcarts to small business. Name it, you would see different businesses on displays. Good to see my former mentor Joey Reyes of PALS promoting his training for personal development, business and leadership. During the event I meet one of the founder of Yakitori Q and he said that Pinoy's like BBQ Cart and Isaw on sticks. You can franchise this food cart for only 250k. 
For  less than 50 pesos you got a rice meal  BBQ already. Kalamansi juice is only 10 pesos. The materials or supply of food cart is coming fresh from Cubao depot. They are also the people behind the success of Jap-Ok. Now if you like to franchise Visit this link and contact them.
YakitoriQ is the brainchild of entrepreneur-business consultant Mr. Jorge Noel Wieneke III, dubbed “Mr. KaAsenso” of PLDT, and known for his advocacy on entrepreneurial education for those who wish to put up their “mini negosyo” or have plans to expand their business. 
I believe, This food cart is ideal for malls and MRT stations. We also talked about the success of Bonchon and Potato corner. If you are into this venture maybe this is the best time for you to open this kind of franchise. The sticks meat and BBQ are dips were made in different taste. For pinoy toyo mansi, suka, japanese, korean and more to choose from. Also ok for take out, catering and parties.
Mr. Wieneke was a former advertising guy and was responsible for putting up “Potato Corner,” the country’s first flavored French Fries brand that revolutionized the food cart business. He is also a founding member of the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc., one of the biggest franchise associations in the Philippines today, and teaches Applied Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Manila’s Center for Continuous Education (CCE). 
This newest food concept by Mr. Wieneke III in the food cart business will be introduced for the first time during the  4th Philippine Small Medium Enterprises and Franchise Expo 2012 (PhilSME Expo 2012), which will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). -Tradecon and Yakitori Q Press-

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