Saturday, May 19, 2012

Long Term Relationship on Choosing Loan and Credit Reports Company

In today's world, I can say that in whatever things you do or do business with. You need to deliver better results in order to gain a long term relationship for your clients. Not only long term relationship but a smile on their face after you delivered the result, or the service is done. Because I believe that good work and networks lead to multiple deals. Your very happy client will open the door for you, in which you cant open - if you do it by yourself.

For instance in trust related business like financial products and sensitive-crucial information which is the credit reports.  Blue global media is one fastest 500 most established company in 2011. In the category of today's premier international payday affiliate network. Founded in 2006, staying or making trust or credibility for more than 5 years. Is not easy when it comes to sensitive financial business. So you may see that Blue Global Media speaks its success more in result rather  than its talk-applause. 

They focus on highly optimized campaign that will result to a conversion rate. Speaking of conversion rate I saw its a $$$ sale or something to do with lead generation for potential business deals. Conversion rate is the lifeblood of every business in whatever field. You need to turn potatoes into french fries. From raw to nothing to finish output cash.

So you really need to dig and examine far graves to pump out the oil pipeline.  High conversion rate with few precise leads for me is better than many leads with low conversion rate. Because theirs really a lot of noise or ads everywhere. Just to avoid pitching or barking at the wrong tree. We need to be precise in targeting the red eye culture. Like what hawk-eye does in Avengers waste no arrows dude.

Now based on my experienced I saw that successful businesses in different niches. Try out different company, suppliers, financial company, offline-online loan, PR even advertising digital strategist until they see value. For sure they don't rely on ads, referral, name and word of mouth promotions. But they follow their instinct and scorecard. The KPI of then again saving time and money. As its quality -the raw potatoes- speaks in the long run.

Of what? I mean to do business over and over again to the company that delivers convenient service and good result. To deliver, the best ever tasting potatoes that is being serve to whatever restaurants. That's Good ROI! That is my insight's on Long Term Relationship in Choosing Payday Loan Leads and Credit Reports Company.

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