Sunday, May 27, 2012

Effective ways of Advertising Businesses on Manila Billboards & Blogs

Seeing this Inspiring business Story of Alvin Carranza on his way on Top as CEO, teen Azkals u19 Philippine team manager, Restaurant Owner and a road safety advocate on Entrepreneur Magazine. He is like an Avenger all around  family men. Made me think how effective billboards advertising to every businesses is. As (Businessman) Billboard is an insurance protection that comes out your other form of advertising. Like TV, Radio, Blogs,  Word of Mouth and so.  

If your business is like a successful Kodak a decade ago. Then you know what to do, to the real power of digitalization. Even leading powerful  #1friendster and start up facebook 7 years ago. Now, Lets take a look millions of people passenger/motorist seen your Billboards ads when they pass on Edsa or Metro Manila everyday. 

At that time it creates awareness to see this product or services. Let say an Energy Drink, but later on when that passers by do have the need. He/She remembers the billboard, so he/she researches on what he seen. What if she saw other products or competitors online? Then that's a lost opportunity or sales conversion rate. And ended up buying that product but initially seen in billboard, radio, tv or print ads.

Then you need me the blogger or review you need to search in google or yahoo. Even when you see the ads on newspaper you will still need a blogger to see read its post that is published forever not just in a single day or month. So its an insurance policy that protects your other form of creative advertising.  It really takes an ideal Ace team to Tango. 

An advertising team that helps business productivity overflow. Im talking about Offline and Online superiority. Working in an Advertising BPO in the US market couple of years ago. I closed more than a hundred new accounts advertising deals. Now you ask me why? This Foreign Entrepreneurs buy or sign up with me. Because they believe, they seen result on  the increase of sales when they advertise.

Let me show you some Effective ways of  Advertising Businesses on Billboards. Its cost effective, gains ROI makes a lot of awareness the how and why? The curiosity Buzz, that will lead into an overflow of sales. I just meet the Billboard man again yesterday and we talked about billboards. You may inquire he still have slots available. 

Along Edsa and Metro Manila, cheers to the Billboard Industry Leader. Visit Mac Graphic Carranz website at  for your cost analysis and return of investment inquiries. I would highly recommend Billboards and blog advertising.


adm said...

Thanks for this good tips on advertising! :)

jayson biadog said...

yes more of an insurance policy and forever ads online.