Sunday, April 15, 2012

Insights on TradeCon 4th PhilSME Expo on PICC May 11-13, 2012

This year May 11-13, 2012 Approx 18,000 people (aspiring-existing entrepreneur) are expected to join this years 3day Philippine Small Medium Enterprise and Franchise Expo.  At PICC or Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City, Philippines. The event is on its 4th year already organized by Trade Advertising Exhibitions and Conventions International (TradeCon).  This will serve as bridging gap between businesses in various industry. That will benefit both parties in both local and international market arena. I like to attend this yearly expo because it burns out the entrepreneurial spirit under my skin. 

Because, SME's plays the big role on our economic development because it generates employment. It enchance entrepreneurial spirit for economic growth and lessens crime because people are busy. Agree with me? Also links-bridge us to existing industry leaders inside and outside the country. In 2009 SME's were about 99.6% out of 80k registered businesses in the Philippines according to DTI. In which 63% of labor came from SME's which is the pillars of our taxation. Aside from that it gives also the opportunity for everybody who will attend the expo to exchange idea. Or potential tied up or merging and even partnership. Like what happen recently to Instagram and Facebook or our very own local Jolibee and Mang Inasal successful alliance.

At Dampa sa Libis press-con last couple of days I invited a dozen of bloggers-new media specialist. Of various niches to witness and spread out the good news, message mission-vision of this various outstanding entrepreneur-industry-leaders in the country. Includes Chinkee Tan who discuss very thorough about financial matter to us. I won his book contest couple of years ago via Hungry People of Jay Jaboneta. Super practical-like and inspiring his book till debt to us part. Even he was bullied by some unproductive self proclaimed editors, time waster people on his grammar. He inspires us, On how we can maximize our full potential by creating, handling and growing our money. Which ignites my mind of the possible potential that a certain entrepreneur or money conscious individual  may achieve.

George of Dampa told us about affordable-economic way of dining, buffet, conference or holding meeting at Dampa sa Libis. Pilar of BFAR also told us about fish technology and some of its exhibits on the expo itself. Action projects for entrepreneur for the past and next 60years. Cathy of IFP manufacturing told us about the potato chips technology and confectionery. Ian of Philamlife discuss also interesting facts about agency and insurance. Interesting knowledge/topics on finance industry and insurance agency. Edward the avid supporter of TradeCon talks about its good mission-vision. Rajan of Esquire Financing talks about money matters, flexibility, employment and loans. When you need instant money, business loan and fast approval loans faster than banks he's the man.

Also remittance from our OFWs abroad. Its good to hear this Aces and leaders of their particular industry and share their gift- knowledge about business to help boost our country's economy. If most of the people thinks like them. I bet we are a first world rich country (not 3rd) even the highest revenue generating people per Capita. So learn and adopt the ways of the experts. This is my Insights on the upcoming TradeCon 4th PhilSME Expo on PICC May 11-13, 2012. See yah!!!

David Abrenilla, ECG, Executive Communications, Mildred Caballero, Esquire Inc., Tradecon, PhilSME, PICC.

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