Saturday, April 21, 2012

Biz on RHTV's Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo

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I had a chance to visit the actual show with Bart, Loiue and Rajan last week. At RHTV studio,  which is just beside CCP, Pasay City. Imagine your business showcase can be viewed by Millions of Filipinos all over the country. Even pinoys abroad on You tube, Facebook, twitter, blogs and the Filipino Channels Worldwide.

Bart Abaya - Producer can help you on Promotion as Media Partner on EXDEAL/.BARTER. (FREE TV GUESTING on "Pinoy Swapping , Barter Negosyo, every Saturday 1030am to 1130am))

BEX Barter Exchange Philippines and RHTV (Manila Broadcasting Corporation) have agreed for a much needed business show on the Television to promote all the businesses in the Philippines through Barter Trading/Swapping / Ex Deal in order to boost the economy by helping the Businesses to increase their sales, cash flow, liquidate unsold stocks or excess inventory and hence increased profits, A Cashless Trade Exchange..

"We can help you "sell and promote" your business on Exdeal/ Barter without spending your CASH." Bart Abaya  contact him at 09175438899. He is the  Founder, Barter Philippines  Host, " Pinoy swapping, Barter Negosyo show"Like them on Facebook "pinoyswapping" also visit  his business blog at or email for appointment

See Advertisers Sample Qoute
With this regard we would like to invite your good office for an active participation in the show as a Commercial Promotion Sponsor / Advertiser. Kindly confirm and Fill up the Application Form and Choose the Sponsor / Advertiser Package.
Advertising Rate Package: (ALL EXDEAL thru your GC's o Products/services)
15 second Air Time                                            P   6,000.00
30 second Air Time                                            P 12,000.00
60 second Air Time                                            P 24,000.00
Opening Bill Board ( OBB )                                   P   1,000.00 per announcement
Acknowledge on Board ( AOB )                            P   1,000.00 per announcement
Sponsor for the Whole Segment                        P 175,000.00
Rates are exclusive of VAT
Name:    ___________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Tel no.___________________________  Mobile no. _______________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Product Line  _________________________________________________
                       Yes I want to participate in the said TV program and I agree that any payment made by us towards the cost of promotion is non refundable.
Name                                                Signature Date                                                  

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