Sunday, March 25, 2012

New York THERASPINE Chiropractic Clinic

In the US, Chiropractors are everywhere but seldom-few here in the Philippines. Yesterday I've been to its facilities in 73g Sct Dr Lazacano St. in Timog, Quezon City. I tried their rare to find sporting exercise equipment which is imported from US by this Queens, NY trained staffs. They told us that this is the "medicine with out medicine".  

Mucles are sore and bones were tired. So you have Joint pains, stiffness, injuries, scoliosis? Chiropractors knows more, they tools us more about joints of bones and muscle healing  yesterday. By demonstration and actual consultation as well as education.
According to New York (NY) Theraspine Clinic owner and registered Physical Therapist Michelle Natividad, “ It is dangerous to have your bones and back be touched just by anybody. You need professionals to do that.
Nagaraya Crunch? Don't mess up with him he is a Professional Wrestler. After the actual Therapy fellow bloggers said it feels good.  NY Theraspine Clinic’s services also include weight management and fitness and conditioning, showing just how dedicated the clinic is to promoting a healthy, happy lifestyle.
Those who suffer from back pain, arthritis and body pains look  at NY Theraspine Clinic, they completely understand these problems. With its team offriendly, highly-qualified, even award-winning chiropractors and physical therapists accredited abroad, NY Theraspine offers only personalized the best treatments for the most common neck and back pains, to posture problems, and for stroke rehabilitation. Call 375-1035/921-9831
Think twice before you schedule that next visit to the spa...NEW YORK THERASPINE targets your problem areas without the risk....visit them for a free initial evaluation...

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