Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home Appliance Lined in 2012

Alright for Home Appliance in 2012? Set?
Got to see this launched with cool jazz music in a classic hotel.
As well as gaining smart tips from the energy, environment and industry experts. 
Last March 7, 2012 at Resorts World Manila
LGE - Philippines continues to achieve its leadership in home appliances. 

By spreading out the good technology news to every home.
They have designs who make consumers happy for instance 
We got problem in air-con leak, noisy sound and electricity high cost.
 LG got a brilliant solution for that... that transforms into a need
They manufactured the most silence and more energy efficient one.
 For refrigerator most are equipped with wide choices of doors.
As well as styles and groundbreaking stylish features.
 Most are Inverter linear Compressor a unique direct transmission system.
That minimize mechanical loss, reduce noise, increase durability and bigger savings of energy.
 Up to 41% and they guarantee that this ref will last for 10years.
With the Inverter compressor also ensuring steady temperature to keep our food last longer 
 They got side by side ref to save electricity.
Larger with slide smart eco door.
 The idea is to prevent cool air to escape.
Ideal for many storage of food on different compartment.
 Every-time 1 main door open, or the other opposite side.
The other door ref sensor kicks on to maintain your chosen temperature setting
 You can use this for drinks, condiments and sodas or snacks.
The LG Smart eco door allows you to do so conveniently 
 Other feature are the side by side and door in door steel finish
Also with antibacterial and air freshener gasket.
 For condo and apartments dwellers or newlyweds the LG top Mount ref.
Are not only space saver but also a good combination of style and technology.
 Energy optimization up to 30%
As well as vitamin plus to preserve fruit and veges
It also uses extracts from green tea leaves
Embedded in the lining to prevent unpleasant odors and molds
 You may win the contest
Win Trip to its HQ place Korea
 Now lets go to the Washer
It can dirty clothes even infants sensitive clothes.
 Without destroying the linen or fiber
 Laundry day feel less a chore.
Actually I like to do laundry than hand-wash 
 Fewer moving parts, pulley and elimination of traditional belt.
Its inverter direct drive system has a 10year warranty
 It reduce the level of noise
And deliver high savings in Energy
 10.5 kg worlds 6 motion cycle technology
Keeps the clothes looks beautiful a well as stay longer
 It has a unique baby care program
Specially designed for delicate laundry that needs more care.
 Well the Baby loves this!
It also have a diagnose machine problem via smart phone or landline
 LG toploads comes in 16kg or 14kg
Ideal for large home or heavy duty battlefield
 It was a cool morning with LG executives speech
About its companies goodwill and mission
 Not only to consumers
But also for taking care of Environment 
 Now lets Go to Aircon because it dfoesnot only deliver fresh cool air, but the
Plasmaster 4s it has an enhanced skin care to keep our family healthy
 Inverter V (consumes less energy than regular aircon)
ETV program resulted to 14.5 EER under DOST provisions result
 "We want to provide not only great products but also to help reduce utilities expenses"
Said by Karen Kaplan - LGE Corporate Marketing Head
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 twitter; @lgphilippines
btw, I miss battle of the brains show
We dance the 6steps unisexual
 LG got 93k working manpower in 120 operations around the world
 USD 48.2 billion in global sales last 2010
 Leading producers of TV, Mobile, Aircon, Washing Machine and Ref
 Bring Home and Share the Joy of LG Products
I Like to use this new products at home...
Life is so good with LG

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