Friday, February 3, 2012

Green Economy in Every Home

Sometimes it feels quite impractical and illogical. When you see that the government spends more budget on weapons more than education and farming. As well as entertainment media getting the prime-time shows of entertaining the whole world. But seldom, to see-broadcast very important even less than an hour Green Economy, Saving Mother Earth or Farming reminder a day. About plants, farming, global warming, ecology, gardening and environment protection. Never realize that the basic need of man is not to smile nor to feel good. But to eat daily as basic need like food, clothing, shelter is concern.

As far as industrialization in my country the Philippines is concern. Smart or let me say majority of the people doesn't venture  the noble career of farming. Now farmers need to be educated on how to maximize its harvest using new technology. When existing farmers are able to use technology such as irrigation, science hi-tech application. They will get more harvest  and benefits as well as protect the environment ecosystem.

We need to focus more on agriculture research and science for innovative solutions. Like using this social media campaign  to educate even contest to  blatantly exposed the news to the public. That putting farming first will ensure countries success.  Because, It feeds a growing population so we need to make sure that the global economy is green. Because we need more oxygen for breathing and space for growing population. We need to increase farm produce 

To feed, sheltered and cloth all of us. Reduce waste by compost fit and increase crops-plants productivity. By  improving the quality of crops harvest free from insects. Better access to market like transport system to increase money and jobs. So that farmers can reinvests to their farms to create more jobs and provide education for their family. Ideal water irrigation  system to maximize farming produce.
 Even in urban places you can plant Fruit Trees. 
As well as vegetables on your backyard.
Events are everywhere fashion, food, sports, advocacy, education good thing that this car show. Educate the public on how to protect the environment. I mean, I hope that most of companies. Does this as mandatory its major responsibility for Green Economy. I witnessed motoring industry campaign and care to our mother earth by educating motorists.
I do join voluntary tree planting. We can all do this at your home small garden on your backyard, condo or office. Even though you are not on farming industry. Producing more oxygen from plants in our home and office reduced global warming.
 Encourage more fella, To plant and Go tree planting  everywhere
Encourage peers to go green in every home and offices
 Support organization or Ecopark even small park at your villages
Encourage more business to support the campaigns
Information and free materials should be visible online and offline thru blogs  or facebook social media like this. ABS CBN one of the broadcasting leader in the Philippines supports this kind of advocacy. Save mother earth save la mesa dam or water shed.

Habitat can remain intact related to climate change, helps soils degradation. Increase Foreign aid in agriculture for land is the basis of all wealth.  Support agriculture for green economy by putting farming first. and before I ended this blog let me remind you of supporting and doing the "Green Economy in Every Home".


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