Monday, February 20, 2012

Bachelors Cooking, One Hyundai

 Last Feb 18 @ First Gourmet Academy
I attended Bachelors Cooking, One Hyundai Life in Style
 I'm ready now to cook Ittalian Dish
The wine and fire thing
 Fellow Bachelors with First Gourmet Academy Chef's Guide
 We prepare a classical soup of Italy
 Called Minestrone, "Chicken Saute"  Coq Au Vin 
and "Chicken Feed" Creamy Polenta
 I chopped this soup ingredients and Mise in 10 mins for 20 min cooking
 Mise en place Bacon with Veges
 Now put some salt and pepper
 Add on Tomato Paste and Caramelize
 Then we prepare for chicken marinated with cognac
 Put some pepper and salt
 Then ready to do semi grill
 toasted with oil you may see a lot of smoke
 And serving
 With Chicken feed corn
 As rice substitute
 It good to eat the food that you cooked by yourself
Amazing Bachelors Cooking presented by Hyundai
 The Chef
 Chocolate Mousse with Liquor or Brandy
 We are certified
 By the Expert
 I mean trained by an expert Chef
 So long watch out for One Hyundai Life in Style next Exciting Events
Golf Entrance Building

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