Friday, January 20, 2012

Testing Suzuki's Best Seller GD110

I used to test drive the Suzuki's best seller GD110, last couple of days at Shangrila Edsa. This cost effective (47,900pesos) 4stroke SOHC engine commuter bike is quite light  compare to other motorcycles. That I can lift her easily like a  mountain bike. Quite lighter than honda scoopy but not that, unlike the heavier sporty ducati monster

Also you can buy the parts piece by piece even the engine to save your hard earned money. Your 100 pesos worth of gas using this transport may last for more than a week. Compare to 1000 worth of gas in a week of office-business car commute. You may compare to your weekly transportation  expense of taxi, jeep or bus commute going to work?

Ideal in metro manila's heavy traffic condition, as well as Philippine provinces let say you will visit a rocky road going to farm. I can feel the smooth and easy driving like a scooter. This low rider affordable mass bike is suitable for every  commuters like employees, professionals even students.

Bakit di kapa naka Motor? - Suzuki's campaign for Economical, Durable and user friendly vehicle. Comes with stylish Metallic red, Pearl Black and Royal Jade Blue motorcycles. It also had enhanced safety features like Park light to ensure safety. Swing-arm integrated reinforcement for hand-relaxation and smooth driving maneuver.

“We are optimistic about the launch of the GD110 because we are anticipating it to be one of our sure best sellers. We believe that the GD110 is packed with features that answers the commuting needs of the public—affordability, user-friendliness and durability, which very much complements our campaign, “Bakit Di Ka Pa NakaMotor”, Mr. Eiji Kobayashi GM.

Push light signals switch button and automatic on-off engine for more safety driving. It has also warranty parts all over the country. Comedian Ramon Bautista drives this motor  crazy inside the hotel and it runs smoothly. See more motor, safety features and model below or visit  its nationwide showroom or for more info. You can also do test drive and do motorcycle training to its nearest safety driving facilities.

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