Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bento, SumoSam Branch-Gilmore

I visit the 10th SumoSam Branch @ Gilmore - Greenhills Town Center. A few blocks from Gilmore computer shops. Seems like visiting one of Japan's best fine dining restaurant. One of the owner of this restaurant was the star Marvin Agustin. He told us that to be in this kind of business you need to put a lot of passion on it.

Sumo Sam - Wanna fight ..i mean boddle fight not sumo this time
On its opening, japanese garden
Interior temperature was cool

here's your bento's choices

Samurai's choice-chicken teriyaki,beef misono (us beef knuckle),dory tepan,tuna and salmon sashimi,kani stick,bean sprout,yasai itame,gohan,dilis

tempura bento-ebi tempura,kisu tempura,dory tempura,vegie kakiage,tuna sashimi,gohan,dilis,bean sprout/

tsukiji tonkatsu and salmon bento-tonkatsu,grilled salmon,tuna and salmon sashimi,gohan,dilis,bean sprout,/

chicken teriyaki bento-chicken teriyaki,tuna sashimi,gohan,bean sprout,dilis,/

Katsudon bento-katsudon ( pork tenderloin),tuna sashimi,gohan,bean sprout,dilis
This was like a heavy meal for me for only 488 pesos
Fresh Salmon was cut and served on tray
bean sprout
crunchy dillis
Meat beef misuno
I asked 1 of the waiters.. are you Japanese? 
She told me nope, just all of staff and chef got Japanese name plate
Marvin with one of the owner
wines and figurines display
mini cupcakes
I wonder how sumo wrestlers eat, how many bento?
see the interior? design.. this was the 1st outside mall franchise branch

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