Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pacman loss or its a Draw? Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 what do you think?

 If 12th round goes to Marquez then its a Draw
12th round must go to Marquez a good counter offense effective tactic although Pacquiao threw a lot of punches. But boxing is all about being smart enough in the arena to outsmart your competitor. This is the technique being used by a smart fighter. No doubt how Evander beat Tyson or Aggressive defending champion athlete being beaten by a smart counter offense tactics.  Look out the baseball tactics of a counter offense fighter you attack and you will be fallen into a trap home-run. Attack and I will counter punch you that's what you called a smart move. I salute both coaches and trainers effort for this exciting match. This is the show that you will talked over and over again!

See the Judges Score;
Robert 114-114 Tie
Dave 113-115-Pacman Won
Glenn 116-112-Pacman Won

Im a Filipino but i believe its a Draw. As a former  active National Taekwondo Referee for 5 years you should not be carry away by emotion. You deliver fair result step out your emotion even though your, superior, master, senior, sister or student is in the court arena and not tolerate biased  favor judgment. And i felt honor about it when games like NOPPSCEA, CPJ, Milo, Unigames, PRADA, NCAA, UAAP. Rival teams in Negros and National team choose me to judge crucial decisions because of fairness. I fear even no Marcos that hes son loss on my scoreboard and won by other Referees scoreboard. So we respect each other's decision even influential father and clan was cheering around. Because I believe that being a judge you should not be intimidated by business, power and supporter. Best fighter must Win regardless of status qou or influence in life!

If I would gauge the emotion of Pacquiao and Marquez. I can read the Champions heart that i loss and Marquez wins. You can feel it. I been supporting Manny's fight for a decade now but for now i think its a draw. But because of good heart and Character Pacman wins I think he got 4/5 of the world populations fans vote.

Even me for good Character by helping charities, sharing blessings, aggressiveness and better competition manner ill vote for him.  Business wise boxing promoter again win? Did you saw both fighters stamina and bloody face after 12th round? That was a real game rather than Mayweather and Ortiz fabricated drama fight.

A week before the fight my Federal client in the US told me that she will go for Pacman. Because of good character then I asked her 2 days ago. What do you think? She told me she thinks Marquez wins. I like her honest opinion because she uses both of her heart and mind.

Pacman loss or its a Draw? Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 what you think?
Does real winner must be clearly define?

I just hope that big gamblers and influential promoter or people should not interfere the score of the Judges.

Because in boxing nobody is undefeated you will always encounter better and lesser fighter. No matter what it will remain as a sport for honor. Even for the nth time that you've been proclaim as a world champion. You will always find better boxer than you. So enjoy the game excitement and stay friendly to opponent even your a fan be nice to opponents fan.

Next exciting is Pacquiao Vs Marquez 4 and Pacman Vs. Mayweather as well as Mayweather Vs Marquez first. Before the most exciting and controversial figth we all waiting for Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather hows that sound?


pacquiao vs said...

Pacquiao did win but not in a very convincing manner

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

agree..but a clear win is a win that will make your enemy fans convinced that you are a sure winner. Not by default.