Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Benefit of Healthy Food Soyami

The first I encounter this Soyami chips is during the Fitness First workout explosion in SMX last Oct2011.Where I was amazed with Drums beating alive with more than hundreds of healthy people do the work out alive. After the heavy drums energy exercise. Soyami lady approached me to have picture with Marc Nelson and have the taste of chips. Personally I like him because of his healthy active sports lifestyle. And i always seen him in Running, Sporting, Motoring Event  and Mercato Central Food expo eating healthy mostly vege foods. 

The lady give something to taste "free taste" and it taste good. And i look out its package i found out that its made of a real Soya, high in protien, calcium and no magnesium. Now i came to think of Eating a Snacks without a guilt. This could be a good replacement for tempting unhealthy instant junk foods like fries and chips. We all know that soy and the morning "Taho" is good for our health. Now it comes with a chips so stay healthy and responsible for your health. Soyami is a snack that is good for our heath. So say this is the way  I say to Eat Pack instant Snacks without a guilt.
Soyami made the Ideal Ingredients and ambassador of Good Health
To rely the good food message and lifestyle to all of Us!
Stay healthy, support local economy Eat Soyami!
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Mangyan Blogger said...

Wow! I really love Soyami... :)

Great post... I love it!

This is extended guys. Thanks for joining.... :) Goodluck and God bless...

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Jigs said...

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Travel Food Movie Blog said...

thanks jigs cool vegetarian event and healthy living

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