Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Insurance with Acts of Nature

David with Mike at Cafe Havana - pic via slim ipad2 
 Explains the Benefits of Free Insurance

BPI Auto loan Free Insurance with Acts of Nature or God coverage. Think about how much savings would you make for you certain auto loan? Lets say this Christmas you want to reward yourself a car or even upgrade your old ones with the latest models. This would be a big savings for you right? Think about the latest disaster you can't escape Ondoy even Roxas boulevards US Embassy and luxurious hotel are helpless. So what happen to your car? I mean it! Disaster are every where even as simple as tree branch falls.

Couple of months ago I was in BPI HQ as they celebrate its 160th year anniversary. But right now the bank leader of auto loan brings back its good will or service to the public. Comprehensive insurance brings out substantial amount of money and it doesn't carry the acts of God. So you need to upgrade it visit you may see auto free insurance, business, personal and housing loan. 

David Sarmiento Jr. Sr VP for Auto and Motorcycle loan and Herbert Tuason VP and head for marketing team told us the bloggers last week at Cafe Havana Makati. That they are getting more approval online. And the save a lot of time and money by doing transaction on line as well as the get enough mature people online. They mean of mature is high approval rate for applicants compare offline. Applicants can compare prize son the site it depends on the car they like (car calculator). Minimum of 650k loan for 36months term will get a free insurance from Oct 1-Nov 15, 2011.

David and Herbert told me that they are not that really strict with your other debts. You can negotiate with BPI because i asked them about the credit history of a typical Filipino. That they may be banned by the Bankers Association of the Philippines with its previous debt. Either its public or private they have the files and they do consider as well. They also added that trust is more important in this banking business. Thats why they last for more than 160 year of service and gain foreign recognition. 
 Freeze!! BPI executives All eyes, minds and ears
 bloggers asked a lot of questions
Herbert explains the value of safety and peace of mind
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