Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drexler, Magic and Trailblazer Dancer @ NBA Madness

Last week i meet Clyde "the glide" Drexler, Orlando Magic and Portland Trailblazer Dancer @ NBA Madness. Clyde told us when you make the moves somebody will call of such a name in my case its Glide.  So its good to see this Icon and Cool dancers promote NBA all over the country. Catch them on schools and also they have cheerdance competition. Since he was old and strong rival on Michael Jordan during his times. He cannot perform the great shots and dunks anymore but he can talk about it. for the love of the game. Catch the Schools, cheer-dance contest and mall dunks, hoops contest basketball tour schedule on social networks like  twitter, blogs, web, social medias facebook click here and

He was asked by my fellow blogger Dennison. What are your specialty aside from sports? Aside from dancing in dancing with the stars.. He told us nothing  but what he can share to everybody is wisdom like whatever you do in front of media. Either you're a blogger, dancer, writer, cameraman, journalist or whatever just do your best.... Amen Glide! Glide is old but the presence of greatness were passed to us. So its good to hear and be with world champions like him. He told us also about his secret to glide and its all about leg power. Sometimes you work hard and stay for 7 hours in the gym everyday.

At New-world Hotel I asked him about his favorite NBA Active Fantasy 

I asked Clyde to name me the 5 best players on this video made by He looked at me in the eye with a knocked on a stomach that he will thinks that he may never answer my hard query. He replied its hard but  he thinks heavily and gave me 8 cool hardcore players in video above.
 Orlando Dancers - Lovely East-coast Dancers
Mixed of Colors talented hot dancers. 
Its good to see them performed live
 See more pics of this hotties here
Portland Dancers - Shake that from west-coast
I give them a score of sexy 8
Lets see how Drexler compared to Jordan
Both became Top Rivals and Teammates
 in 1992 NBA Finals & Olympics

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