Sunday, October 16, 2011

Appetite Restaurant Festival

Mastercard and Appetite magazine presents the experience of all foodies, as well as my taste buds. Featuring international cuisines from different restaurants Last Oct 13 at Shangrila Plaza Mall Edsa. Its like i'm travelling to different countries when i test the different menus of Cyma, Cafe Provencial, Claw Daddy, C2, Green Tomato, Lemongrass, Pages Deli, Pepper Lunch, Pho Hoa, Secret Recipe, and Sing Hainanese Chicken.    
Cyma Greek Taverna - I like its Lamb Chop and Pita Bread
But at this time many greek food were serve like more on veges

Sounds under the sea huh?  
Grand Javenese Sampler, Steamed fish fillet with black bean tapenade
 explode in my mouth its mean its hot and taste good
 Im Full Tummy 
 Looks like Pizza
 My Fav like the Seafood in Claw Daddy with Crab Custome
And i like to eat them
 Dessert, konti lang i want to taste all kasi..
 Mango Crepe and my Passport
 Sizzling meat
 Running out of plate to many people
 Vege life
 Blogger Friends
 Welcome France
 Bread and Fruit with Veges
 I like the mushroom soup


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