Sunday, August 7, 2011

Multiply Growth Expansion

Silicon Valley, CA where most of the successful software, computer development and software engineering transformed. Now after 7 years after launched its social networking site to share most photos and videos. They move its office expansion at the heart of Ortigas Central business district near my office. I think Ortigas is the Silicon Valley of the Philippines since I know more electronics, call center and software office here. Multiply in the Philippines online shopping mall consider as the biggest digital mall in the country. Last week as it opens its office facilities I meet the major players who contribute for its expansion namely Peter, Jack and Joey.

Peter Pezaris - Multiply Founder former President of Operation of CBS Sports-line which responsible for the development of my favorite sports site like the,,, which serve millions of customer and billions of page worldwide.

Jack Madrid - Multiply country Manager i meet him couple of times since he is the country Manager of Yahoo Philippines. Serve as the Director of MTV, VP of Citibank NA Hongkong, Business Development of  Ayala Corporation and graduated in University of Pynnslavania.

Joey Concepcion - Chairman RFM Corporation (Selecta & Cosmos-Pop), Go Negosyo Founder, Best Selling Business Book Author and Philippine Star Columnist. I also read his works and advocacy of being a true blooded entrepreneur.
They are whispering, I'm not a cartoonist but this what my mind read trio's imagination

Peter  - Hey Jack while you left Powerhouse Yahoo?
Jack - I have bigger mission here, yahoo is very big already even Microsoft can't beat em but Google does.
Joey - Peter maybe multiply is more greener and the water supply is more deeper and minerals is good

Jack - How about you Peter how confident are you with this multiply idea? Can you guarantee its success in multiply you funded better than cbs and pga tour?
Joey - Let's Volt in and multiply the searches and members because i have have good business advocacy to Filipinos.
Peter - Lets see Jack because the brain of the legend transformed at this office.

I asks Jack how many target members and users this year he told me about 100k, year to date they got 80k already. I ask him again how many average searches a day your getting month to date? (I have million in mind) He told me will discuss that on second phase. I ask him again how much is the market value of from year 2009, 2010 to 2011. He told me again will discuss on next phase.

This 3 geeks transformed or combined force together to achieve main goal to educate. As bible say lets go on and Multiply. In lets make the essence of entrepreneurial spirit alive. So lets multiply the numbers of businessman via this platform. A business model online that would save office space and you can start up even you only have penny or hundred peso in hand. Since signing up in multiply is free but i'm quite afraid of fake products coming or posted in. But with its huge office and people multiply has the manpower to monitor and delete or fix this stuff.

We got a tremendous opportunity online to sell stuff via this marketing platform. Ecommerce and expansion is growing here in the Philippines even me as i work in the software industry selling it to US market is really a big  deal. Even google, yahoo and msn got billions of revenues because of this software development and marketing platform. Now if you use this technology advancement you would save time and operating cost for your small or big business.

You could be creative enough to post your products and services here and make in multiply on line. Multiply has a courier partner committed to its shareholder. The most important to its advocacy is education the entrepreneurial mindset that you can impart to your family even teenagers. It helps also beginner i mean newbie in the business or sale arena to be tough as an entry level. So no more bazaars to wait or mall-wide sales multiply advertise your business 24/7 anytime anywhere.

It was a social media or photo-sharing site before but now its still the same more focus on the business site. Its like you have facebook account but its extended to business listing for buying and selling as well. So its like facebook or friendster+business +ecommerce = multiply.  So don't you worry because your social media is still intact and cannot be deleted. You can still post personal stuff and connect with your social alpha friends here.

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