Sunday, August 21, 2011

LG Laundry Flair

Feel the Comfort?

If you make use of something and appreciate it because of its good use its called flair. Most of the women have a good ability to dress up instinctively, highlighting simple clothes to have amazing curves or making impressive costly dress even more. And here comes the challenge for women and even guy like me. Frequent washing the clothes weakens the quality of its color even fabrics quality as well. If its not dried properly under the heat of the sun or getting wet and dried sunshine after raindrops. Clothes might have have spicy or strong pungent odor smell. This situation flaunt Flair into a bad romance so, rarara i mean its a nightmare.
Or you want your family to feel Silky Smooth

Understanding this usual concerns LG Laundry Flair offers “Green Health+ Laundry Flair”. With 12k pesos worth of savings and free-things will you get when you buy LG top load or front load washers. Promo runs before Sept 30, 2011 nationwide.

To help you decide if you are going to like to this flair or not  see this press release useful tips.

No. 1 Smart saving. Choose washer with Inverter Direct Drive, whose motor is more durable, silent, and efficient than regular ones. The Inverter Direct Drive motor drives the drum without a pulley and a belt, so there are less noise, less vibrations, and less wearing parts. You get better durability and lower maintenance cost. The washer also must have function that automatically detects the needed amount of water after you load your laundry. This reduces power and water use by 25% and 45% respectively.

No. 2 Baby friendly. A push of a button is all you need to provide care not only for your clothes but also for your baby’s skin. Look for washer with Baby Care function. It minimizes detergent residues after a whole cycle by adding one more rinsing and keeps the optimal water temperature at last rinsing cycle, that is, 40 degrees Celsius to have detergent-free clothes. Detergent residues remaining in the clothes can cause skin irritation and allergies.
No. 3 Superior washing ability. Your washer must have enhanced washing performance, so that your cotton shirt and skirt are made clean without having to undergo rough washing stages. And, your colored clothing comes out more vivid after washing. There are washers so efficient that the laundry looks as if it has been hand washed.

No. 4 High on Hygiene. Your washer needs to be clean and germ-free. Look for washer with anti-bacterial filter and tub clean feature. The filter prevents the growth of bacteria. By enabling easier, more frequent clean, the tub-cleaning function allows you to clean the inner and outer tub with the push of a button. It helps prevent the growth of mildew – which can be an irritant to skin – while eliminating stubborn odors within the tub. 

No. 5 Convincing convenience. Doing the laundry should not anymore be considered as a heavy chore. Dirty clothes are made clean with a simple push of a button. Moreover, look for washer with the right capacity, big door entrance, and easy to select temperature option for your various washing needs.

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