Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Savings on 22nd Philippine Travel Mart

The Philippine Tour Operators Association or (PHILTOA) invites you, your family and your travel friends to 22nd Philippine Travel Mart. Regarding this Philippine Travel Mart (PTM) invites you to SM MOA's SMX convention center this coming Sept 2-4, 2011. So that you may experience the best travel package, discounts and offers within and outside the country.   

Dept of Tourism supported Philtoa and PTM who have more than 100 exhibitors for different preference for individual and corporate. So tat you can witness and experience how beautiful our own country and different country as well. In addition they offer also seminars, quiz bee for travel and live entertainment. Such cultural dance competition the Eco chorale and the Kundiman. A genre of unique Filipino native ancient love songs.

I visited this event couple of years ago and I found out a lot of offers. Discounts and freebies that you will appreciate because of savings. Wethier you will travel within the country or/and abroad. Also the programs and l have  seen cool performances that were so unique. I also saw some airline company performs native Hawaiian and exotic dance and art.

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