Saturday, July 9, 2011

Online Shopping Mall

Connect Buyers and Sellers Online

When we connect buyers and sellers together, we need to make sure that we deliver benefit like save time and effort. Now Digital Mall connects virtual online shoppers to 88, 000 online store. I open my account last 2007 for the reason of having a personal website for free. But on latter part i found out that its also a source or business protection. Or insurance policy if you got business that protects your customer from going somewhere else as a total business merchandise. 

Use and Benefits:

I mean if you have store and you have creative advertising like word or mouth, magazine, radio billboard, tv or newspaper. If its found by your customer they don't need that at that time when they pass on street lets say edsa, heard on TV, radio or coffee shops.  Later on when you or we have the need the creative ads is no longer in front of us. So we go online right? What if the products is not found online? What if your customer seen you competitors product or services? So what happen to you other investment?  So is a good venue but wait it doesn't only have pictures and data of the products there.

It also have a shopping cart or payment gateway system that will help buyers and sellers do business together. The fastest, safest and easiest way possible. From browsing to actual order and delivery lets say paypal. How much time and effort you save? Lets say a typical shopping goes 2 hours travel back and from the mall from your home and another 1-3hours of item selection plus traffic, plus crowd even elevator jam. What a hassle! Just like booking a travel on actual office than just booked it online in the next 5minutes. Or making an hour banking transaction on banks while you can do it in couple of minutes online. 

Here in its just a minute order and a hassle free transaction from your PC, laptop or tab even on your smartphone. 24/7 thats why its so convenient for buyers and sellers. No dress up, No fancy productions and gimmicks. So when you do eCommerce business like this you are helping entrepreneurs and start up business.  For your peace of mind multiply partnered with BDO, BPI and Gcash and has abuyer protection program. Like what the 14  day policy for US consumers-merchants do.

Message From Multiply:

We also wanted to create an e-commerce platform that was reliable and secure that will be able to connect entrepreneurs to their market,” 

“When Multiply made the shift into becoming an e-commerce site, one of the first things we wanted to accomplish was to be able to offer more than convenience and variety to the Multiply shopper,”  Jack Madrid Country Manager

So look out to various category found in 17 major product categories: Beauty and Fragrances, Baby and Toddler, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories, Collectibles, Computers, Electronics, Food, Flowers and Gifts, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden, Jewelry and Watches, Movies, Music and Books, Professional Services, Sports and Outdoors, Toys and Hobbies, Video Games and a lot more.

Who are the Successful Multiply Merchants?

Alwin Aguirre of talked to me that he got average of 5-10 orders a week. I saw its unisex bag and it look good, quite cheaper and classy. He open this free site a year after i open my account here but its his major source of income now. He sells laptop bags ranges from 1000-2500 pesos. Jonie Cheng of sells maternity wear for women for more than 2 years. Some of them got orders from outside the country and you may ask them as well. If you have further question just visit their site.

In eCommerce site you can put stories, slogan or tagline for your business. Anything you would like to know readers or shoppers about your business. And the good thing is you can connect it to you customers and customize it via CMS or multiply friendly software. Its so easy to do! So register at
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It's very true that you find items cheaper online than in a retail store. I have shopped online several times and have not been disappointed. Great hub.

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