Saturday, July 16, 2011

I like What I do and I do it More: Kobe visit Manila 2011

Watching Kobe Bryant Work as a Team with College Varsity ( FEU Tamaraw's, DLSU Archer's, Ateneo Blue Eagles) Vs. Smart Gilas exhibition game. In Araneta Coliseum live makes the whole big dome scream Kobe kobe kobe chanting so loud. Remembers me with our old HS nemesis when somebody wears Kobe's outfit, do the crossover moves or wear shoes we chant!! and boisterous laughter "tabi tabi andyan na si kobe" He assist, Rebound, Dunks and Shoot makes me realize the value of being a discipline model. He was ask by us(crowd) twitter or techhy gadget stuff. He replied no twitter or techy stuff... Just purely hardcore basketball..

PressCon: Advice to Fans/Kids: I like to Basketball drill when he was and what it make more different is Kobe DO IT MORE...The Black Mamba Icon is Born Nike promotes Just do It .. Kobe
 Thanks Ogilvy PR relations Worldwide
Feel the NBA Action in the Philippines!!!
So do his Record Career is better than Michael Jordan? For now, for me not yet for thing young superstar maybe later... But his really good..nth time MVP..nth time all star..slam dunk..nth time winning shot..nth time numbers attracts and gives more charisma. In every field we do lets we not forget.. "I like What I do and I do it More" this is what i do when i bring home the beacon way-back HS and College on sports competition. Good thing the great icon like him visit the Country and Asia so that can picture out and inspired by the living icon. A footsteps to follow or exceed, discipline to maintain, a sports that needs to enjoy with for the love of the game.

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