Sunday, July 31, 2011

Culinary Education Connection - MIHCA

When you heard the word Magsaysay the things comes to everybody's my mind is shipping company or the usual thing Seaman abroad. MIHCA stands for Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Established as a world class culinary school for its global shipping companies, food chains and hotel partners. Not only to assure its graduates got a career because of its affiliates and connections to world shipping lines and hotels. But also a major learning standards of global culinary excellence. 

I just visited the place last week at 5th Floor Walter-mart Mall, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. Found out that the chefs, staffs and education facilities were amazing. Dressed well and professional when it comes to its staff acting like a staff of finest hotel. Even the conference room you may find it like having an executive meeting in corporate HQ for food professionals.

MIHCA Is a fully equipped learning institution of culinary from specialty and commercial kitchens, bars, dining rooms and food science lab. The computer facilities were ready  just to make sure that the students adhere to quality up to date culinary standards. MICAH as established as leading culinary arts institution in the country. Who produced not only successful graduates that will fill up the slot of finest hotels and ship food experts all over the world. But also, I consider this people as OFW's or bagong bayani who brings back revenue to the country.

School is also actively participates to various contests and events like  Guinness World Record producing 5, 845 cheese-based dishes. Also local and foreign competition as a result of healthy competition to measure excellence by bringing home the beacon or various awards. I like to visit place like this where finest people were mold.You may check the courses and facilities Here.
 I like this Vege Food
 Looks Good? Taste Even better
 Shrimp BBQ
 Juan Manila and MIHCA Staff
Sounds Looks like a Boat?

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