Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain America is my Example

A must read-see prestigious movie-comic-book that keeps in our mind because of its good character. Sound of mind, heart, soul, commitment and most important is the character. The source of hope in our daily lives this super soldier who comes first as ordinary small US army cadet candidate named Steve Rogers. Who's been declined by US army recruitment because of its size or body built. A young men who never give up even under pain. He was tortured and put into test by fellow soldier because of its size. But also given the chance to became the new breed of super-soldier by a scientist. A super soldier who's always in action to save the country.

Steve Rogers: Why me? I'm weak.. (Because of value and strength..) Because of its value not as small individual but as value to become hero. This is what happen to ordinary people like the movie Transformer Witwicki is just a messenger but he became a hero. Like ordinary photographer turned into Peter Parker's  Spider Man with great responsibility. Captain America is my Example of a simple man in our everyday life's who turn to be a hero. Not because of power or riches but because of good heart to help and save lifes. 

We need to unleash the hero inside of our ordinary people from all walks of life. Captain America is my good example because of action. That it doesn't matter wither you are a brigade commander or a plain private. But you can be a hero in so many ways like a driver, farmer or a worker. Captain America the first Avenger to save the Country. But this will apply to every country even in the Philippines. Because of the legacy instill in our good heart of being a hero or willing to sacrifice for others. The greatest human achievement is not measured on its accomplishments, power, skills and things made. But how it was used to solve the greatest world problem like security and inequity. 

I can judge Captain America Icon as example of how can we safeguard and improve fellows life. Because most of the people are defenseless against lawlessness. Some innocent people were getting murdered, crimes, get slave, killed by terrorist and some unlawful forces. Some people are starving and dying because their parents have no power and no voice in the market or community. So this unfortunate children dies or being trap to poverty. Some people don't care or don't know what to do to solve this kind of problem. Captain America can be you or me in our everyday life. If you see people who's uneducated man teach them the how. If you saw lawlessness do something to solve them. The most important is not what we see but how we do or react each time we see this.

But we can measure the impact as Character of Steve Rogers do offer something even death for its country. To protect the country against evil and most of civilian life's. We need Captain America character in each of our everyday's life as we address the worlds greatest problem of iniquity and security. So simple Steve Rogers can be a good example of ordinary Man to unleash the hero within Us. Magic word "Just Give Me/Us a Chance to be a Hero" Captain America is my Example!

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