Saturday, June 25, 2011

Texan Style Restaurant

I like to eat western food specially the Ribs (385) this makes me feel like a ranger. So you can imagine to catch the beef and cooked it for yourself like the ranger does. This wild thing imagination makes the eating moment special. This  tender soft meat is buttered with vegetables, rice and sauce is a good combination for me.You may taste also the dynamite hot wings that will surely explode on your mouth. Especially when watching your favorite action movie or sports. Because they have lcd TV in the area like with my fav restau in greenbelt the national sports grill. 

Where you can feel the presence of world champions while dining. But here just feel Owen Wilson, Indiana Jones or 007 do the cowboy thing with a cowboy stuff. You can have your picture taken with its Texan ranger props background and gun. Also with the cowboy hat after the food war encounter or you may choose before you eat. Well see, Cowboys are always well prepared to attack Carol's menu. In my case i attacked the mouthwatering men thing Ribs and Spicy Wings.
Looking for a draw or comboys game? Or something western Texas Alamo kind of dining experience? Last night at Carols Texan 5 make my day a cowboy experience. For all the menu below spicy wing and ribs stand out for me. They also have cool deserts, drinks like San Miguel and ice cream. I miss the answer of capital of Texas i replied Houston but its Austin. Confusing right? Now we know..i like to answer also during games dallas since Manny got boxing show here. And im a fan of dallas cowboys but i answer houston since rockets is popular in the NBA. So enjoy the trivia while dining here at Carols Texan 5.
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