Monday, May 9, 2011

Technical Knock Out Pacquiao Vs Mosley

May 8, 2011 battle was so exciting as we watched the live Pacman Vs Mosley at Yellow Cab people support Makati. Courtesy of Nuffnang and PLDT my DSL internet connection. So its 1 and 1 technical knock out both in favor of Mosley and Pacquiao. But Pacman's 3rd round knock out was really amazing.

And Mosley's pushing Knock out for me is unintentional and a referee honest mistake. I can sense it because im a former player and national referee as well. All i can say its unintentional because of the position, aggressiveness, agility, impact, body position and loose of footwork's. Good thing that Manny controls its temper. To keep the fight smooth until the 12th round. To make it rigth Referee should call it as a Pushing foul or error. Tyson's bites Holy field's ear and Mosley push Pacman. As the referee protect the competitors you can't avoid this kind of human mistakes and bad behavior.

So its really hard to win a fight by making a foul. Or making undue advantage to opponent, so better do it right all the time. Because you can't escape camera's most of all people's opinion/comment worldwide. And its not good to win a fight via bogus score-match. Its like winning and cheating the national election with no value at all. Boxing is a sport and a gentlemen's game so its hard to fake game and accept title without sentimental value. Nor drop a fight by accepting big boss deal a money side-vets. This happening to various world sport like Sumo, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Most Boxing.

But then again i can sense that the fight is no Match at all. I really like to see Mayweather on Pacman's next fight. I like this production because of hip-hop song by cool celebrities and Singing of National Anthem during the main boxing event. Thank you enjoy till next time, are you ready to rumble!!!

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