Monday, May 30, 2011

Gong Cha Tea

Gong Cha a frozen tea house from Taiwan that made over 100 of outlets in Asia. It doesn't use instant tea or powder instead it used fresh boiled tea every 4 hours to ensure its freshness.  The good thing is that you can choose the sugar level of your order it can be from 0% to 100% sugar. See its healthy for diabetic person right? Also its for everybody kids and adult. Gong Cha is located at 1st floor SM Mall of Asia, beside Music hall and Timezone. Cool Tea shake ranges from 60-100 pesos lower than starbucks or coffee bean.

I like this Gong Cha Coffee Milk Tea with Pearl 
“gong” (貢) means reward or contribution and “cha” (茶)  tea plant
Gong Cha refers to the best tea offered to the Emperor in ancient China.
I like the Milk, This is the House Special only at 80 pesos

Three Ways to taste Gong Cha:

1. Drink with your mouth! Feel the tea going though our specially made foam.
2. Use the straw to taste the original tea.
3. Mix the foam & tea. Feel the splendid texture of the mixture!

Since i'm not diabetic person i order 100% Sugar Pearl Coffee Ice
Quality Control Team ensures fresh Tea that is Good for the Health. 
Compare to instant drink and beverages.
House special Yummy Perfect Healthy Tea Experience
They uses all imported Chinese ingredients
They are planning to do delivery later
Owners a mother of 3 and the Master Franchisee
Explain to us how Gong Cha was made also how to taste it 
Its more than just a tea because Gong Cha offers also in Coffee, Caramel, Yakult and Milk  flavor. You need to taste it slowly and feel the blend like yoga. Good for mind, body and soul healthy tea. 

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