Monday, May 30, 2011

Genius Phone is Born

I think about what makes a smartphone a genius phone. I come up with a result like a homework in our regular class days. Let me define a smartphone is like a phone that functions well when you need it. But a genius phone anticipate and understands your need. Its like in business when somebody is (smart) pitching an idea (genius) already execute the idea.

Since I work in a sales organization i defined smart as those people who plan to execute revenue as a result. While the genius works smart smoothly and quite hard while the revenue-result is already seen on their net income. Short Cut, Pocket Ace in Texas hold'em poker or Side pocket short cut on billiard. And the winner takes all it takes sweep..
In short smart calculate the profit while genius is already have the profit in his pocket. A smart student steals library resources and brings homework to school while a genius student steals resources from home and make it work out in the school and library. Like what Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg do everybody Smart people desires Harvard but this people drop Harvard and think genius as better than Harvard.  Is it a profound statement? So lets see the result like Facebook and Microsoft. Like blue ocean strategy when smart people drafting a solution to a problem a genius already anticipate it.

So What or Do what now? What makes a smartphone a genius phone? It is just a phone but it can connect lives, satisfy, enjoy and make people happy. Everybody like pictures and everybody likes convenient so Optimus 2x's 8 megapixel camera. Makes your family, social network, videos and photos available even more presentable with flash. Without bring any bulky DSLR smart camera, don't you worry you got genius Optimus that is twice better than local smartphone whose only ranges from 3-5 migapixel. Tap the picture and switch quite brilliant right? Internet Academy, Facebook University, Social Media Institute and College of New Media Business Finance will be much more fun with this device. Surely your family, friends and peers will excite of are you ready?
Dual core super fast processor makes your imagination faster than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Because nobody like a slow internet or phone connection right? Nobody likes bulky and slow everything is fast instant and that's what i called a Genius 9.2 mm thick stylish LG optimus black, Android, NOVA bright display with 700bits Genuis LG Optimus Phone is Born. So i will not be too tetchy enough or define numbers for you to understand it. Test drive the LG Optimus phone to your nearest mall/store and find out why i talked like this crazy tech things. Hey! Aren't got cool LG optimus genuis phone here how about you? How your smart phone performance going? like it aren't ya?

Cellphone display is super bright and super light classy. Multiple screen makes Optimus a genuis than a smart phone.WiFi direct can bypass router when you have problem with internet connection stream instantly to WiFi, blue tooth, blue ray player, computer, laptop access etc. Heavy Traffic Internet Blast!!!Busy fast connection, communication, downloading and uploading provides better quality of life right? The Genius Phone i repeat the LG Optimum phone is controlling the whole internet, blog, social media, networks and gadget universe... Genius phone bypass router and other barriers which smart phones cannot execute. “Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!

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