Wednesday, May 18, 2011


How do you see your mom or modern mothers today? If you talk of such a men i defined it as a good fatherhood, character, masculine and brain thing. He may be a Businessman or CEO as the same time a triatlon Champion. An award winning writer and a military officer. Or a world sports champion and a succesfull professional man as well as the same time a good father or head of the family. Like this characters reminds me of artist Cool Rapper father Snoop Doug inspiring show called "fatherhood".

Modern Mothers today need to be also a good teacher to thier kids. Aside from school teachers that kids are always excited of. They will serve as role model to thier kids and beloved husband. Which i've seen to the lifestyle of Lea Salonga, Pia Cayetano, Cristine Jacobs-Sandejas or Bea Lucero (Chicmoms endorsers/models) as years goes by. Yesterday i was able to see and witnessed how Lea sings gracefully a nice world class performance at Salon de Ning in Manila Peninsula.

Also she shares some of her cooking tips and bounty fresh experience. That will surely love by our family. Like how she cooked the whole chicken "nakadapa yung breast to make feel the savor on breast that easily dried" breast of chicken facing downward in making a delicious roasted chicken. Put some herbs like this and that...(that's the way the i see to her the chicken crumbles..) and i made my delicious bounty fresh chicken menu for the whole family. Lea qouted.

Aside from top 4 country chef giving us some tips on how to cook bounty fresh chicken. Chef Bruce Lim is approacheble enough to entertain media and bloggers questions. And it seems to be that he has a doctors degree in cooking for me. After his impressive answers, demonstrates and cook the bounty chicken last couple of months in dfort restaurant and last nigth in manila pen.

Women of allure or what you can call such a women doesn't only performs good in its career or profession. But in all this diversified things in tandem with family tasks. Which is also knows how to cook well and take care of thier children as a big responsibility. That will serve as an inspiration to every Filipina here in our motherland.

Now if your a mom or mom friends like to get some cool tips on travel, food, parenting and kids you may visit also you may join thier contest as well. Some of my friends won designer bag like LV, Boracay Trip, Bounty Fresh (Asia's Best Chicken), Ipad2, Gadgets and a lot More.

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