Friday, April 22, 2011

Kris Aquino Release "My Hearts Journey"

Multimedia Princess Kris Aquino Releases 5th full album called "My Hearts Journey" under Universal records. Being "Songs of Love and Healing". This specials collectors CD features 15tracks of Kris colorful life with love as a unifying element. Aside from Love songs that will make you fall in love again. It also include Cristian songs that will surely unite your soul to God.

It was good to feel deep soul performance of Cristian Bautista, Jed Madela, Zsa Zsa Padilla perform live during press-con at Annabels Restaurant in QC. It make me feel the presence of Valentines, Wedding and regular Church Sunday Worship. Its good for the heart, healing and soul. Love Moves In Mysterious Ways by Christian Bautista's live performance was soul deep touching. Well I'm wrong, when I thought that love songs lovers is only for women.

See the ff tracks dedicated by Kris for your romantic life...
This also comes with special journal and life inspiring quotes made by Kris...

1.  My Journey: The Broken Road | Kris Aquino
2.  God Bless The Broken Road | Toni Gonzaga
3.  What About Love | KC Concepcion
4.  My Journey: The Road Of Love | Kris Aquino
5.  Love Moves In Mysterious Ways | Christian Bautista
6.  Only Love | Jed Madela
7.  It Must Have Been Love | Karylle
8.  To Where You Are | Jed Madela
9.  Changes In My Life | Jed Madela
10.  My Journey: The Road To God | Kris Aquino
11.  I Will Be Here | Gail Blanco

12.  When You Believe | Regine Velasquez and Lani Misalucha
13.  In Your Eyes | Gail Blanco
14.  My Journey: The Road Of Expectations | Kris Aquino
15.  I’d Really Love To See You Tonight | Zsa Zsa Padilla
16.  My Journey: The Road Of Understanding | Kris Aquino
17.  I Want To Know What Love Is | Nina
18.  My Journey: The Road Of Forgiveness | Kris Aquino
19.  Healing | Jed Madela
Bonus Track:
20.  Araw Mo | Christian Bautista

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