Saturday, April 23, 2011

I like to Experience Boracay with Boracay Rum

 “Where Will You Take Your Boracay Rum?
I will take this Boracay Rum to Baracay Courtesy Boracay Rum and Nuffnang. I like to take this Rum after Victory Party in Boracay. After a cool Boracay trekking and sports adventure with friends, family and colleagues. This April would be the exciting summer unforgettable experience for me with Boracay Rum. 

So can this Rum brings back my old good times memory with?  Well, its good to have fun games like Play Tug of War, Amazing Race, Boating, Jetski, Beach Volley and Beach Games. Before and After we go swimming to Boracay White Beach Right? I like real beach water swimming not on swimming pool in urban city. See my Swimming video here that need Boracay waters with cool sea breeze.

Its good to Drink alcohol sometimes if you can control yourself. I drink occasionally when there's something to celebrate. And i drink moderately, Boracay Rhum Sponsored Boracay Trip to It Lucky Blog Winner. And Boracay is so famous not only for Us Filipinos but to foreign people as well.  The beauty of this favorite local and tourist spot must be more meaningful. If we celebrate our special events, family and family gathering here.
 Company last Summer 2010 Game Outing
Here's my Good Time's Memory in the Past that i want to do again over and over again. Sounds like Music rigth? To Experience Boracay with Boracay Rum this are the pictures that paint my mind. Boracay Rum is going to give one lucky Nuffnang blogger a chance to Win Free Trip to Boracay!! So, I like to Win this...
 Also with Racing Friends to Enjoy more the Tournament and Corporate life.
 Playing Cards Beside the Swimming Pool id not that Easy if Boracay Rum will be serve
 Red Racing Victory Send Off Party 2007
With the Race Enthusiast and Winners
 Toast with Ms. Singapore World 2009
 Cool Sailing Must be a must in Bora
Its Good to take Boracay Rum Shot inside the Boat
Pampatangal Hilo?
 Party with Friends with Different Boracay Rum Mixes
 Boracay Rum Good After Driving and Simulation Class
 Drink Moderately, Don't Drink and Drive
Boracay Rum is Good Also for Birthdays to Celebrate with Victorious and Good Freinds
 Drink with Brazilian Models
 Released Tension and Relaxing with Commodore and US Navy's
 It's Good to Celebrate Victory with Blogger Friends
After Winning the Amazing Race 2011
 Yacht Wind Cruising, Sailing, Kite Sailing, Jetski, Diving, Kayaking 
Seeing Coral Reef, Sea Creatures Boracay is the Perfect Place
Movie Multimedia and Event Launch must be Existing when 
Boracay Rum will be Serve on Cocktail as we 
Enjoy Sneak Preview of New Movies Line Up for 2011
 Dodgeball, Beach Volley, Off Road Bike is Good Adventure at Boracay
 Wish to do this Again in Bora
Thousands of Pacific Hub Employee of Lopez Group
Enjoy Company's Xmas Party with Unlimited Overflowing of Different Drinks
 Also Tri-media Loves Cocktail After Fun Adventure Challenge
 What your Boracay Rum Order?
 F1 Fanatics likes to Drink different of Rhum Mixes
 Motoring and Magazines Writers like to Watch F1 in Group
At Sports Grill while Watching Sporting Activities
Aside from Party Club and Bars. Bora got a lot of LCD TV as well. 
To View Sports while drinking different Shot of  Boracay Rum
 Call Center People Birthday Party
1 of the Ortigas Bar is Close because we are Celebrating
Its Bday Party full of People
 With Blogger Friends
 Teamwork wins Championship
 Say Cheese! racing Victory moments at the Pitstop
 Sun Bathing, Vitamin E is good for the Skin
 Wacky Shades on the Beach
Miss this California Girl
Dinner Date Wine-Champagne
You could win this Free Trip to Boracay Contest to


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