Friday, April 22, 2011

I Like Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes

Since i blog sports and do Running and a lot of Outdoor adventure sports.  I need  a customizable Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes. Like desktop and software some good quality desktop or better performance enhanced software are assemble or customize to order. To bring out best quality result that will stand out from the rest output. In my case my foot is flat so i need a comfortable sonmio configured shoe.

That is measured by every pressure of my foot, support structure according to my weight, balance, foot structure to achieve better quality of running and outdoor sporting activity. To minimize injury and uncomfortable for better active lifestyle performance. Because everyone has a unique foot just like a thumb-mark its totally different, so it needs to be carefully analyze and deliver. According to stability, comfort and running or outdoor active alignment.
Customize shoe is just like when you go to professional tailor. And made to order your customize formal dress even formal shoes for shoemaker. You would experience the difference from those ready to wear formal clothes and formal shoes. If you would see the classy and athletic design of this shoe. I think this is good and suitable for most kinds of sporting activities.
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Doing some Charity works with the US Navy and Carrying Goods.
Tough long walk would be more comfortable and a lot of Fun 
After i Get "Kalyo sa Kakatakbo at Kalalakad"
 Adventure Sports with Tri-Media would be more Competitive using this Shoes
Dodge ball as Well makes a lot of Trick-Run to Win
Larong Bata needs a lot of Footworks
After Running Still need to Climb and Do Some Tree Drop
Make Sure to Use Custom Built Shoe
Racing Needs Somnio Mission Control Running Shoe Comfort as Well
As we rely the fast torque on how fast our feet coordination with eyes-maneuver is
Indoor Soccer must be so Fun
If my Light Wight Somnio Running Shoe will be Use
 Long Walk in HK and Other Foreign Country Trip 
Must require good shoe Performance.
Also to Document and Blog and Experience on the Latter Part
Sentosa, Universal Studios, Hollywood Travel long Walk must be so Comfortable
Using Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes
Running Made Easy "Breath in - Breath out"
Catching Breath, Fast for Lungs
My reflections on Running 
As Long As the World Never Stop Spinning or Producing Event 
And Problem needs to be Solve
I will never stop Running
 Winning Made Easy, as we defy Physics
Long Museum Walk and Tour in China must be tiring yet Fulfilling
It needs a Comfort Shoe as we Travel the Whole New World!
Living Life to the Fullest, As a fulfillment of Human Existence
Disney is Quite Big for Kids and Adult to Walk and Run to Beat Time
To see all the Spots before the Dawn Breaks, for Amazing Fireworks!
Winning Tri Media-Bloggers Amazing Race Adventure Challenge 
It takes a lot of Running as Well
GI Joe Need to defend the Country Against All Evil Forces
Foreign and Domestic Bad Enemy
It takes a lot of Running to Hunt Enemy using Air soft Gun

Since this contest is already done watch out for new shoes
btw Mr Orange of my size is 10
Lets get it On Running!!!!

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