Saturday, April 23, 2011

I go to the Rock "SlapShock"

Photo by Pro-Music Blogger
Meeting Slapshock Rock Band last couple of days, remembers me of my rap-hardcore-rock experience way-back college. They signed a new 7th album from Polyeast (Formerly EMI) records to be release this June-July 2011.
The band told me that they are very true and loyal to each other no other gigs. That's why they stay for more than a decade since 1998.  

Slapshock Rock Band was chosen by the Philippine Movie Press Club as Rock Artist of the Year 2010 by MYX in 2011 and many more to mention. They also perform successful concert in Dubai, US and Around the World as a professional Rock Band. 

See the video of contract signing and my video interview to them here and presscon shoot by fashion blogger Kumagcow and music blogger Juan Manila.

So lets give  a rock sign on the Lead Vocalist Jamir Garcia. This guy show us his tattoo of Jesus, Mama Mary, Philippine Flag, History and Edsa Revolution on his body. Told me about heavy pain when his brother a tattoo artist draw Andres Bonifacio near his ribs. On the Guitar Lian Ansing and Jerry Basko the Rock thing goes louder and live.  Bassist Lee Nadala and Dummer Chi Evora keeps the punk-rock and roll alive! Book them  Contact Charls Mangubat +63 926 7540101.

Jamir told us that he is a former mechanic humbly, made it big to the World Rock Music Industry. Told me also it take a lot of passion and hardwork before they were recognize globally. 

Even Hollywood, prominent people and celebrities like their pure rock band. Jamir, Lian, Jerry, Lee and Chi send message to the new rock bands to be loyal and true to your band. Avoid side-band, revival, make pure song lyrics and patronize OPM. 

See this Best Selling Album Music-Video Called "Cariño Brutal"

See Heavy Rock Video, International Record Label 
and Band Records here:
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ok lng galing naman ng ex mu.