Saturday, April 2, 2011

Camelot Legend Story on AXN

Last day I was able to see the press screening of this medieval legend film at Greenbelt, Makati. This Inspired movie drama series only on AXN Beyond. Open this April 4 Monday 9pm brings you "Camelot" 
This 10 episode series got 50 Million dollars budget to entertain US! Wow!! Yay ang galing naman ng movie na to..I thought Hollywood Movie like Troy, Hercules and Gladiator filmmakers can only made a spectacular blockbuster film. But also AXN Camelot makes the world excite at par if not better than them.

This drama series was quite so exciting as you may witness the untold story. I mean the experience of Kings, Queens, Soldiers, Sorcerers and Characters past legendary centuries of our fantastic life.  Visit for more info and preview
Bitin ako last bloggers screening, Bakit? I like to watch the succeeding episodes. Mix of horror, fantasies, suspense, drama, royalness far far away a long long time ago and of course my favorite scene Action!

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