Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HTC 7 Mozart, Immerse Yourself in Music

The HTC 7 Mozart Phone, Immerse Yourself in Music launched last couple of days at Mandarin hotel was amazing. This phone has an enhanced video that will fix any blurred pictures 8megapixel cam. I used Sony k850i 3 years ago and its only 5megapixel. See how technology go fast? With xenon flash 8mp phone Im quite confident it will not disappoint you to capture the best days of your life. Even your if your not using SLR camera you can edit the photos with its 15 photo enhancement program built in.  Ideal for metro living or gimicks night out with video recording. Immerse Yourself in Music, well this phone also offers great music that will entertain you.
I mean a premium media just beside your pocket called SRS surround technology. It has 8g memory that will enable us to store huge capacity of music, games and videos. I see that using this phone xbox is just like in your hand. The windows by Microsoft is quite enhanced ever-since i blog about enhanced storage and good tech customer service after sales. Everything you need like to edit, do business conference call even set your meetings to its application. Iphone4, android, new touchscreen smartphones got a counterpart today with this cool HTC 7 Mozart Phone. For more info visit This kind of phone makes our life more stylish and meaningful to our everyday life.

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