Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help Japan Like Winila on Facebook

A tsunami and earthquake natural disaster is very horrible. In line with this great crisis that strong country  like Japan faced. Lets help Japan regain its strength after this calamity.  

My uncle and sister lives in this country for a more than 5 years during its Asia Pacific US Navy mission command. Good thing that they already moved to US in year 2000 before this earthquake happen.

I was a fan of new robotics technology and drifting and i badly wish before to go to this country. I thank our creator got a purpose in me that by some twist of fate i ended up choosing different vocation . pledge to donate Php 10 for every new Like to help Japan. Like

The world is mobilizing to help victims of Friday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami on Japan. Winila wants to help as well! Please invite your family & friends. Help us donating a big amount for the victims in Japan! Thank you!

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