Saturday, March 12, 2011

Franchise Business Ice Breaker

If you would like to have an affordable franchise business Ice Breaker Scramble is a good option. Rigth now it has 70 active stores and growing since 2007. In case of SM North where i meet the owner Marlon G. Sevilla, Jr. of 

Said "This business gross 1m of sales approx in this location". If thats the case 30k for mall rental and 15k for storage rental. I think 1m gross sales per month is not bad for a 45k rental and 3 manpower. When you see the Ice Scramble business sales is very fast and only cost you 10 or 17pesos. 

Which is marketable to all ages and can be afforded by everyone. The franchise merchandise package for this business model is only 210k. For now they have oreo promotion so visit the mall near you, they are everywhere. Email or or contact for more biz info. This is like a good business option, what do you think? Cheap, Small but a need and fast cash flow.


barbara said...

Icebreaker Scrambles offers you excellent ice-shaved desserts at a very reasonable prices. Probably the first to serve the tastiest and cleanest scrambles in places like malls and other prime locations. I am very much interested in getting a franchise for Icebreaker, just in case you decided to franchise your business please consider this message and do send me full details on your franchise. Thank you very much.
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Small business loans Philippines said...

I can’t help but be amazed on how much sales a franchise business gets in a day.If you consider franchising it additional in come on our business and it is absolutely a brilliant ideas. Keep up the good work!