Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cheap Vintage Car Last Longer

Picture below is my Old Mitsubishi Galant 92model AT gas 2.0, Ive been  using this car for almost 4 years. it can be old  Cheap Vintage Car Last Longer. I mean vintage car that look like Shelby Eleanor GT500 and Ford Mustang. As endorsed and used in the movie by hollywood's like Nicholas Cage, Paul Walker, 007 and Vin Diesel makes it more appealing. The good thing about this car that makes it "SULIT" is that this car survives heavy typhoon Ketsana or Ondoy!
I was inside this car for 20 hours along Edsa White Plains and good thing she didn't give up even though that its floor is already wet. I have good experience with this second hand car that i purchase even outlast new car models. What do you think when they Say "Its not about the Car, Its about the driver". For you to see the best deal of car you may visit This is my entry to contest you may join this contest as well.

 Say Cheeze! Sulit!

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