Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best Moment, Smart BRO's Promo

This are the things i want to share online with my friends. Sports Action Adventure moments that will capture the best memory of our life. Sharing this remarkable moment is very important because its our significant human experience. And its the best time for us to share a fast, good personal broadband connection.   
Because before we execute the teamwork with this various sports. We need to see online the videos replay, strategy and website of the pro. So that we can come up with better results. Better chances of winning and bringing in home the beacon. International sports site like the ESPN, Fox, NBA, PGATour, Starsports, AXN, Racing and F1 needs a fast internet connection. so that your time will not be wasted getting the techniques and strategy made by the world champions.

Because my other "kabarkadas" or sports enthusiast travel from different parts of the Philippines and World. They are just a click away with Smart's fast connection. Because some of the sports enthusiast are busy working but we were still planing for the next adventure sports. Conference and forum is just a click away with smart bro fast connection.
 Company Tug of War
 Yacht at Subic Bay Area
 Dodge-Ball at UP
 F1 Abu Dhabi Viewing at Sports Bar
 Race Champions
 Yacht Sports Skills Learning
Racing Victory Moments
 Endurance Sports Challenge
 Team Sports
 Kayak Duo
 Sports Talk and Victory Party
 Tree Drop

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I Beleive that this Lifestyle Cool Excitement made easy and memorable moments last forever....

This promo is made possible by Nuffnang and Smart Bro. Please Like SMART Communications Corp. on Facebook for more updated info at its Facebook Fan Page
 Rain or Shine
 International Competition
 Italy Qualifying
My Winning Sports Team Basketball Icons
Golf Sports Training Needs Internet to Save Time to Develop Swing.
 And Better Coaching from Pro and Fellow Golfer
Promoting Sports and Healthy Active Lifestyles.
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Together with Blogger/Media Friends and Advocates made easy 24/7.
To Encourage everyone the benefit of Sports and Healthy Active Lifestyle.


rdnofera - The Freebie/Contest Pirate! said...

cool post! it's nice to share fun moments with friends online and with Smart BRO, it's an even greater experience. Good luck BRO! :)

Richard Mamuyac said...

winner ka talaga, bro!

I love the pics! :-)

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Nofera and Rich Astig! Kau din have a cool entry well written..keep up the good job!

benedict said...

nice post jayson! thanks for including philippine dodgeball! ha ha ha

Eufer L. Pasion, RMT - Med [it] Tech said...

Adteeg! Really a nationwidest coverage! Kahit saan kahit kailan! :)

michaelyap said...

awesome post!!! i also love sports thanks for sharing this blog to us. :)

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Eufer cool microsoft blogger kailan next microsoft contest nting bro?..master dodgeball benidick sure bro..kailan next tournament? kaya ntin ung mga taga HK and SG..

Dante Ward said...

Nice post... Smart BRO is number 1

michaelyap said...

awesome post!! i'm love sports too thanks for sharing this blog to us. :)

jared's mum said...

you are one cool dude, sir!i'd love to try yachting + zipline + all those others sports you've featured!good luck^^
jared's little corner

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

michael kitakits tau next adventure..sali k yatch with resly and dodgeball sometime..dante sali k rin u got pics der..jared panalo si mother cool font as in maala ala mo kaya..

Anonymous said...

cool post BRO!


leagasmen said...

sir i can still remember our tug of war....winner tyo nun eh db....panalo tlga ang smart bro...anytime anywhere winner prin...kya nga till now smart bro prin gamit ko.....Coz we are all WINNERS....CHEERS....

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Lea and Darwin..The tug of war is teawork ur 1 of those people who made it win..power ksi and was fun company summer outing

Jomar Lipon said...

nice post..

sa akin ang pangit ng entry ko..d na yon mananalo..

gracesongbird said...

Best of luck! Hope you could manage to visit my BLOG HERE.
Thank you. ^_^

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Jomar wqalang pangit na entry lahat my chance and maganda..thanks hope you in..thanks grace will do visit..

yodz said...

Wow, those are really exciting activities worth sharing.
and BTW, that is an awesome deal from Smart.

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Yodz sali k invite kita next time..

Azrael Coladilla said...


you are the all around sports blogger

@tcmanila said...

you have your best moments, I see. Winning!

jeman said...

never knew you're sporty! ayos yan! keep it up!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Az kasama k sana s Subic e n injured k, @jeman marami pang sport event dyan @tc we are all winners..thanks

blogger ana invite me through said...

wow! :)

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Ana and Mix of Everything!

czaroma said...

ang galing ng post! your best sports moments are well captured... keep it up :)

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks czaroma sali k..