Sunday, March 27, 2011

Battle Against Pneumonia, Lets Dance

Last week i danced with the Maneuvers Jason and Joshua Zamora. It was more than a decade ago when i saw them rock on TV. But still now they still look young, maybe its the lifestyle of dancing? What you think? I think its the healthy active lifestyle habit. Well during this time Members of the PAPP or Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists. Together with GlaxoSmithKline GSK worlds leading health-care company. GSK and I also Believe that the Art of Dance will be a great hobby to relieve stress in the body.

According to WHO or the World Health Organization average of 37 Pinoy Children die everyday because of Pnemonia. Around 800 000 kids die every year globally with this disease. Pneumonia can be prevented true vaccination but unfortunately this vaccines are not included in government due to lack of funds. I remember that some of my family members doesn't got this vaccines, even me.  Unlike to rich countries in Asia like Taiwan and HK.

So at this point in time last March 22, 2011 4pm at Makati Shang dozens of physicians will miss their clinics trade off their white coats. Just to dance with Us and the Maneuvers. For what?  Because every Doctor who will attend to this dance and dance with us GSK will donate Pneumococcal Vaccine to every Child on their behalf. Is that sounds good right? we increase awareness to the public, helping the public as well as the same time engaging in healthy active lifestyle by dancing. If you like me and the doctors see us dancing with Maneuvers you may visit this link. Come on join me! Battle Against Pneumonia, Lets Dance!!!

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