Friday, February 11, 2011

Win a of Total 20,000 pesos Domain and Ads from

Calling all bloggers around the world and contest fanatics. Wanna earn more cash? Traffic? or hits from ads? “ ExtraBLOGanza Contest”! has a solution for US!!! You can get idea on this blog post or you can see my entry.

Win a Total of 20, 000 pesos cash, Domain and Ads from
“ ExtraBLOGanza Contest”! is so generous enougth to give us this super cool prize from super cool blogger pro

Simply create a blog post about blogging and get the chance to win cash plus other awesome prizes! Read the complete mechanics below.

This contest is open to bloggers who are at least 18 years old and residents of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, United States and the UK.


1.Bookmark, tweet and/or like this post.
2.Simply write about how blogging affects your life, what your blogging goals in 2011 are and how you will achieve them. Include the 300 x 250 badge. Only 1 entry per blogger is allowed.
3.At the end of your post, mention the contest title; link us and the contest sponsors.
4.Invite your readers to “like” and comment on your entry. The earlier you post, the more likes and comments the greater chances of winning!

5.Say something and put the link to your entry in the comments section below to let us know you joined.
6.A panel of judges will choose winners based on the following criteria:

•Writing (Creativity: 30 pts. + Quality: 30 pts.) = 60 pts.
•Feedback (Facebook likes: 20 pts. + Number of comments: 20 points) = 40 pts.
•Total = 100 pts.
7.Sponsors are allowed to join. Deadline is on February 28, 2011. Judging will start on March 1, 2011. The announcement of winners will be on March 31, 2011.
8.Bonus: Be among the first 20 bloggers who will submit entries on or before January 31, 2011 for a chance to win P1,000 in a random raffle [we've drawn the winner - details here].

9.All entries containing profanity, nudity or anything lawless will automatically be disqualified. Judges decisions shall be final.

winner will receive:
•1st Prize: Php 10,000 + Domain + Ad spot for 3 months
•2nd Prize: Php 6,000 + Ad spot for 2 months
•3rd Prize: Php 4,000 + Ad spot for 1 month
Note: If winner is from outside the Philippines, conversion will be based on US dollar rate.
2.Winners will be contacted through their blog on how to claim the prize.

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Here's my Entry: Few of Thousands of reasons, ways and means why i blog!

-Blogging makes me feels good because i express myself and inspire people better than they are.

-Blogging makes me feel to experience world without border.

-Blogging makes me live more productive everyday

-Blogging promotes good advance education and advocacy.

-Blogging makes me feel inspired to see companies more productive and proftable than before.

-Blogging makes me feel so good when i see people gain usefull infomation and reduced time spend in work and school.

-Blogging makes me feel justify as a fair citizen promoting equal rigths and oppurtunities.

-Blogging gives me free local and foriegn travel.

-Blogging gives me pesos and dollars to earn a living

-Blogging gives me honor and recognition

-Blogging gives me free golf, racing, yatch, adventures and multi luxurios sports.

-Blogging helps me inspire fellow blogger or people to push more to the limits.

-Blogging helps Philippines restore its global competitiveness identity.

-Blogging about winning uplift the morale of every filipino.

-Blogging promotes new ideas and procedures.

-Blogging is better than print, radio, tv and magazines. Because of it saves time a lot. And can convert transactions in a snap of a finger. From a blog post a ligitimate deal or property transfer. Buy and sell easily or swap products or services.

-Blogging makes me feel complete

-Blogging synergize new ideas

-Blogging gives hope to everybody

-Blogging affects my life and lifestyle

-Blogging shares experienced and unbiased opinion

-Blogging tells the truth

-Blogging promotes intergrity

-Blogging exercise faith and wisdom

-Blogging tells actual experience

-Blogging makes out life easy

-Blogging makes technical things understandable

-Blogging to share winning story

-Blogging can give power to those people who are ready to accept the power.

-Blogging is a way of life for me

-Blogging is the safest and cheapest form of advertising

-Blogging are for real

-Blogging tells the untold story

-Blogging creates a fortune and can share fortune

-Blogging makes me feel like a champion and invites more champions to be a blogger. More power in blogging for 2011!!!


rdnofera - The Freebie/Contest Pirate! said...

nice post! i guess we all have different reasons for blogging. I hope I could improve my blogging skills some more as I blog in years to come.

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

yep constantly improve tau..sali k..