Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Makes Me Loud? Tommy Hilfiger Promo

What do you think? Anyways the usual saying is let works speak louder than words. What makes me loud is that when i see better result. In any form of task or activity. As i can see that activity is totally different from productivity. Let those works speaks louder than its applause.

BPO or Call Center People in which you can see a lot of "call boy" like me "call girl" for women "chick boy" Mr. swabe boys, 007 and dating sa girls or other side pwede sa chick pwede din sa boys "chick girl" yong girl nagpapangap na boy na mahilig sa girl another eto pa "chick girl" ung girl na mahilig sa diferrent boys "call boys" call them boys but they like fellow boys ohhohoho no.. minsan they dress and look like real girl.. ung mga pa girl pagpasok ng call center after sometime girl na girl na..ung mga pa boy and denial after couple of months boy na boy na ang dating..minsan mas brusko, macho or swabe pa sa akin naks!.. "fat boy" like me but for now nagpapaslim "fat girl" girls nigth out daming food sa pantry and midnigth snacks. At first i was in culture shock entering this industry 6 years ago. But guess what? i learn a lot from them and get used to it. easy to get in, its hard to get out...

Ok im serious now, Making me loud is when i see better result. Like i've been in a call center industry for 6 years sometime. Being in the digital world of ecommerce what makes me loud is when i see people and company better than they are.

Companies stronger and profitable as they are. Employees bring result and hitting targets better than before. Like my reps close a quality business website or listing deal overcoming a very scrutinizing and interrogating westhern clients. Not only closing them but giving its clients better service, good quality assurance and long time satisfaction. so speaks customer language else it won't her you, then win its heart.

Coaching and guiding them to become productive sellers will save dying companies, hungry mouths and supplying good education to its respective families. That's makes me loud dealing with different people with different personalities. Also teaching them various approach and strategy to different categories or industry. For them to become effective, productive and efficient. Because its hard to close a foriegn client over the net and phone. Especially entertaining irrate client and making them realize the value of your business call. That you want to help and improve thier business situation. Winwinwinwin clients, company, customer and career part..So you can see winning is everything...

I just like developing or producing ordinary salesman to became a supersalesman. Give or close them a sale or fish you save them for a day. Teach them how to sell or fish they will leave forever. But teach them how to become a fish..guess what you can gid rid of them for the rest of your life..haist!

Going back, From small to big even fortune 500 company deals im sure they can hit the bricks! Telling them you are not closing idiots or making yourself hiding on the phone. Let me tell you you are a sharp negotiator, problem solvers and you are all professionals because you are closing and dealing with business owners in first world countries. Also you bring more revenue to the Philippines. New heroes don't hate to donate your tax to the gov't, konti lng ung croaks at lokoloko don malapit ng mawala marami mababait and matino sa gobyerno.. So make yourself loud and proud! Lets Win the Heart of Our Clients and customers! then everything will follow..

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