Thursday, February 3, 2011

SEO and Ecommerce Non Stop Schooling

I had a chance to attend several conference and meetings about SEO. I remember Janette Toral of told us about making SEO as a business past 2 weeks at Ateneo Grad School in Rockwell. The conference i learned from her aside from various clients around the world is very useful.

Also thanks for winning some online slogan and blog contest i've won from digital community and company sponsors like Lenovo, Jonel Uy, Vince Golango, Janette Toral, Jehz Lau, Joey Reyes, Pacific Hub, Oneglobal, Ebridge Interactive and a lot more to mention. The learning I've learned from the event for free some of them cost thousands of pesos and dollars. From the head breaking learning institution in the Philippines like Ateneo, La Salle, PALS, Intercon, JCI, Marriot and UP. Also some foreign and local trips for free is awesome and remarkable because of winnings. The recognition is for lifetime, winning wisdom and work recognition are forever. If it comes to clients, career, job, customers, love, family you need to win it. Winning is everything but you need to think like a Champion.

I just like learning to produce better result to most of the people I've engaged with. Wether its with PR company, blogging Industry, businesses, BPO's, Call Center which is my day job and to my clients around the world.

I'd like to offer the best service as far as my knowledge and skills is concerned. The best whatever i can be. Then the world will revolutionize the internet industry. So that the time spent to school and work will be reduce to less than half. Hows that? I believe that whenever we stop learning we stop growing, I would prefer non stop schooling and improving for the rest of my life. Helping people see themselves better than they are. Helping dying company, businesses and corporations restore and improve its operations.

I've been in Selling business listing, websites, ecommerce and SEO in the North America, Canada and Philippine Market for past 6 years. But, I still need to nourish myself in making SEO, blogging projects have a better result. Aside from learning from foreign clients, fellow employees and experts in the industry. Also making a marketing script for my agents diffrent approached for different clients. Thanks to my Mentors in Epac and Phub like Aldwin, Cha, Sarah, Carl, Resi, Pam, DJ, Roland, Terry and a lot more, customers in the company and skilled people in various industry. Who teach me not only to fish but also help me become a productive person. I made a lot of mistake and errors for the definite thing. I'm sure that i know that i don't know everything.

I mean different pitch for various industry from small to medium interprise. And other company effectively as well to help themselves see better than they are. In order for them the get desired quality result that will turn into profit and long term relationship.

What i mean is a winwinwin situtation on 3 sides. The customer, the client and the marketing firm. In marketing firm im referring to call center, bpo, free lance, agents, commissioned people, partners or marketing firm. Since developer are totally different from marketers but still are essential tandem to bring out the best for its clients.

In my projects with companys like in,,,,,, and and some PR firms making sure that their events, sales, manpower and productivity are optimized. As for result and statistics is the name of the game. The better we research and combined our IT skills the luckier we become. The harder we research and we work to improve our craft and business the better we get clients. The better service we render the more profit, statistics, target and market value we get.

SEO a Better New Media Solution Top Search Engine Result will bring out more revenue for your business. Search engine optimization is such a great tool i would highly recommend for your business. And it doesn't matter ether you are local, national or international business. The most important is how do potential customer found you on top search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Based on the products or services that you offer. Your scope of business and capacity. Your target specific market especially your competitor. For result is the name of the game. I may ask how many customer calls, ask, email or how many deals? Charge accounts? Declined accounts? even complaints and bad feedback if you render worst service!

SEO Services provides you better business solution platform. That will revolutionize and dominate your online aggressiveness. Because for me aggressiveness wins business. If you win your potential customer you can be happy right? Instead of them going to your competitor it will be directly going on to you.

What if i say "You will not going to the street and tell people your doing this, your doing that?" What SEO can offer you is that you will be declining customer!!! How? I would say, "You'd be selecting customer that is more valuable and profitable to you. Sounds better deal right? While most of the business is having a hard time getting the right customer. What SEO can benefit you is that your having like a great deal.

How? Doing what your good at..for example If you're an Attorney in a City and theirs 3000 other attorney in the city. What if theirs 50 potential clients in a day surfing Google and they would see your great credentials on top 5 list of Google? On top positions of every search result with unique keywords search.

Do you think they would contact you and do business with you? I believe yes!!! What did you do to your competitors? Can you stay below or above of those almost 3000 who's not on top? where does the business and deals go? Who's successful? You just beat them right? SEO make a difference and insurance policy that protects the investment you have on your other form of advertising.

Who's got the big buck i asked my team? I replied "Those people who can provide better service and satisfy their customer". Aside from being an effective closer to various sales pitch and sharp negotiator. So i would suggest them to render better service. And offer better service than what you are paid for. Then it will bring back to you in other forms if not then you can count vote from heaven.

So apply always the habit of extra mile of doing more than what is paid for. Because the majority of the people doesn't go for the extra mile. Better apply the thing i called SEO and E commerce Non Stop Schooling!


jobs for international students said...

Thank you for the great article. . The written style is very prompt and the highly practical manners. So fruitful for us. SEO Services provides you better business solution platform. That will revolutionize and dominate your online aggressiveness. SEO make a difference and insurance policy that protects the investment you have on your other form of advertising. I appreciate your constructive reminders to us all to be polite and comment. I have truly enjoyed your thoughtful approach to each topic I have read so far. Thanks for your hard work! Thanks for sharing..

Kimmo Norrena said...

Thanks for a good tips.Non stop schooling is very important to improve E commerce and SEO.Well done.

Anonymous said...

u got it kimmo!