Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Picks to VGA Awards 2010

You can choose to this Categories about your vet to VGA Awards 2010. Since i like Racing and Golf. I Choose Best Driving Game  Split/Second and Best Individual Sports Game is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. My game of the Year is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.  Just enjoy the game and feel the rush and swing like my chosen realistic sports icon. Maybe this is an inexpensive way to feel PGA Tour, F1 and Nascar lively at home. Also my training ground of my pro entry to this game in the future. I wish Shumi and Kimi skills be with me as backseat driver while racing. While Jack Nicklaus, Phil and Tiger would be my Caddy Coach Guide as i do the swing in PGA tour. Just enjoy the Game!!!!

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My pics for Best Driving Game  Split/Second (Black Rock Studio / Disney Interactive Studios)

This make me feel like 2 fast to furious, yorque, gone in 60 seconds, 
thunderbolt, cars 007, die hard or tokyo drift.
You can feel the non- stop action, great adrenaline soundtrack and real explosion. 
See and experience the video thriller here Split/Second
This makes the gaming experience more exciting and realistic.

This is the Promo Mechanics:  You may Watch this youtube link

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