Sunday, August 15, 2010

Join Subaru Impreza Challenge 2010

Last Year Nov 2009 Me and My Bro Danilo witness the ASIAN Subaru hand Challenge 2009. So here's the challenge in Manila Qualifying to Asian Challenge and Win a Brand new Subaru Impreza and all expense trip to Singapore plus cash. Well, i miss the Elizabeth hotel, Zook Party, Orchard and Shopping. Also the Peking Duck and Singapore Cuisine. And the F1 experience and the remarkable date with Ms World @ Singapore Flyer.
 National Team Subaru singapore @ Takashimaya Nov 2009

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The Subaru Impreza Challenge (Manila Leg) is a 30 Hour endurance challenge where the contestants would need to keep their hands on the vehicle for 3 straight days with only 5 minutes every six hours battling extreme weather conditions and pushing their physical and mental limits! Test Your mental and physical limits and be among of the 10 contestants to fly to singapore!! Registration Period: August 16 - September 18,2010 Requirements: I. Accomplished/ Indemnity Application Form II. 2X2 Picture III. Photocopy of Valid Passport.
 2009 Top 10 Winners @ BCG Open Parking, Manila, Philippines
 5 minute break every 6 hours(beat the Singaporean winner 3days)
A very tiring day!

Me and My Bro at Subaru HQ Singapore 2009
 Pimp my Ride @ Subaru HQ
@Singapore Victory Party Rock on Bro on the Guitar Key!!!
With the Winner and the Boss Ariel de Jesus
 Pic With Ardie Lopez and Media Subaru Staff @ Elizabeth Hotel.
 Changi Airport Via Singapore Airlines with cool Subaru Staff's
Singaporean Cuisine
Nice Singaporean an Asian Exotic Food
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DYUBI said...

hi, is there a registration fee for this activity? thx!

Jayson R. Biadog said...

@DYUBI wla free lng lahat yan..sali k .sali dn ako download the form on facebook fun page..

rdnofera said...

required ba ang driver's license for this contest? I want to try my luck in an endurance race... habang kaya ko pa, hehehe.

Jayson R. Biadog said...

kuha k n asap bka m dq k..madali lng yn 1 day khit student..pero kng wla try mu p rin..d naman tau mgdadrive e..more on endurance..

Jayson R. Biadog said...

Manila Challenge Leg: 18 Sept 2010 @ Eastwood City Libis QC...

Subaru Ft. Myers said...

But i don't drive a Subaru yet can i still able to join here?

Jayson R. Biadog said...

yes you can..thanks..join now!