Friday, August 13, 2010

Invitation to InfoSec Conference 2010

This Seminar will be on 25 August 2010 @ Hotel Entercontinental, Makati City is organize by Infosec Conference 2010, Digital Filipino Club and Posh Marketing Services.
The Seminar is all about Information Security and Safety. I think i need this seminar because i work in call Center Industry Marketing Business Listing in the US Market. As part of the management i need to make sure that the system software and system i used is legal, virus or harm free. Because it is also my obligation to protect and make it more secured and productive.

Call Center and BPO is multi-billion dollar outsourcing company and  industry growing here in the Philippines. Security is very Important because we know somebody can hack our system in a snap of a finger. And may cause us to loose our business or sometimes be filed lawsuit and waste company's money and resources.

As you can see true history Software and System Piracy is very Dangerous. It can bankrupt and fine company like what happen to f1 scandal a 100million dollar lawsuit.  As your asset and company grows make sure you are always protected.

I like to attend at this event as well because as a Call Center Supervisor and a Blogger i need to be equipped to the latest information security. Which is vital in Information Security and Growth Building

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