Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zipline @ ZOOM at Circulo Verde Quezon City

Is your trip to fly? your trip for some adrenaline rush? or sports adventure?
I was invited by Arvin Ello an Art/Sports Blogger to this event Last July 2, 2010.
So Manila Urbanites no need to travel 3 hours to subic to do this.
You can do this like a minutes travel in manila area so tara na adventure tayo!
I feel like an (Airborne) Armed Forces here, Prepare to Launch Armageddon!!!

This is a cool ride for 300-400 pesos for adult and kids.
Also open from 2 am to 10 pm daily.

Fly like superman, navigate like professor x, zoom like rocket man, feel like iron man and float like a butterfly.
Feel like a king, queen, prince or princess. So who's your favorite superhero?
Only here at Zipline @ Circulo Verde Quezon City.(navigate the map link QC)

See the cool view of Marikina River, Eastwood and Ortigas City Skyline
Im here on Zipline GMA News Saksi by Lala Roque. (She's Cool and Approachable)

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Sam YG cool jokes dude! I think your heigth is 5, 6" hahaha namaste dude!!
To excite the crowd we got a raffle oh its a laptop..sorry laptop bag!!

See the skyline and forgot your problem. A stress receiver after work in QC.
Technology made in Philippines (Wow Proud to be Pinoy)

We need to go to elevator to wear harnest and helmet.
After the ride my fellow blogger Dante Ward Said
“Nalimutan ko panagalan ko!” ( I forgot my name!)
were the words that come out of his mouth after the ride. 

This was a cool super ride!!! Thanks for the Picture Dante Ward!

This is the Silver Surfer and Professor X Ride..hahaha..I can't be your superman...
Thanks Zipline and Real State Partners i think this development would be better than the fort sometime.
I hope to get property condo unit in this place sometime.
Thanks For Wonderfull press Event and GC! Food is Taste so Good as Well!
Maybe for my holly wood shooting on action film..hope next time!!!

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