Sunday, June 27, 2010


Company Overview:
OffGamers started on a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) concept on our inception in 2001, as we were very new to the Virtual Item Service industry we worked on a very simple business model. As time passed, our experience grew and we realized the vast potential the industry had to offer. Capitalizing on the huge demand for virtual services and its emerging markets, we incorporated OffGamers in late 2004.
Being a service-orientated company, we aim to satisfy the need of every level of the gaming community, from the power gamer, to the casual player to the new gamer.
Our services cater for more than 400 game titles (with more being added from time to time). - Game card reloads, game activation keys - Anti lag tools - In-game currencies - Power Leveling Services We also provide the trading platform for players to sell their game currencies. More products & features will be added very soon!
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        Jayson R. Biadog is this available to the philippines?

OffGamers Limited
OffGamers Limited
Hi Jayson, if you mean our World Cup Promo, it's open for all, feel free to join in! ;)
Jayson R. Biadog
Jayson R. Biadog
i post this to my blog ? so a lot of people ca njoin..
OffGamers Limited
OffGamers Limited
That would be great Jayson, thank you!

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