Thursday, June 10, 2010

President Noynoy Aquino, Winners Place Mabuhay ang Pilipino saan man sa Mundo!

President Noynoy Aquino, Winners Place Mabuhay ang Pilipino saan man sa Mundo!

It was just last year 2009 when Jay Jaboneta announced me as 1 of the winner of Hungry People Book Contest (Books Courtesy of Chinkee Tan) my Fellow blogger Jay! Now he was part of a big success of no other than the CEO of the largest corporation in our country called the Philippines.

Speaking of Books i wish that the President Noynoy Aquino can implement so much program to gather more books.
And make that library available to every barangay even 24/7 in the Manila area. Whether the books is acquired by government or donated by the people. Also to teach to Private/Public School system self help books of Napoleon Hill (Endorse by US Presidents, Chief Justice, Mahatma Gandhi, Billionaires, Bruce Lee, Leaders, Artist, Successful Man all over the world) Maxwell, Trump and Robert Kiyosake. Also local books by Chinkee Tan, Joey Conception or Francis Kong. Which i propose to a lot of Politician 4 Years ago but only Senator Roxas replied he/they like it but up to now no action. For this dream and hope of mine will be a great vision for a better Philippine Future. So that children and Filipinos will be globally competitive moving forward to becoming a first world country which is my dream/vision/fulfillment as a pinoy citizen. I hope every Filipino can learn, act, help, contribute to the future of our children and economy.

I hope President NoyNoy Aquino can support more pinoy heroes/achievers in the world like Efren PeƱaflorida, Manny Pacman, Jollibee, SM, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Josie Natorie, Lea Salonga, Bata Reyes, Monsour Del Rosario, Henry Sy, Charice Pempenco and a lot more of pinoys/pinays who work hard make their motherland proud and bring home the beacon.

That we can say that not all Filipinos are slave, employees but they are globally competitive so give them equal rights and opportunity. We are not slave, No discrimination at all!!!

Jay Said: After almost 6 months of being on the campaign trail, I am now ready to blog again on Hungry People. So sorry guys but national interest takes precedence over my writing. I'm sure you didn't miss me. With the explosion of information sources on the web, there's lots to choose from. I have gained so many valuable lessons during the 2010 Presidential Campaign. One of which is that YOU can never really sell a bad product.

Winning President Noynoy Aquino, Winning Campaign Associate Jay Jaboneta

One of the presidential candidates pretended to come from the ranks of the poor. He was caught lying and it led to his downfall. As in products and services, your 'product' must be true to its message. You cannot sell anything beyond that. It smacks of bad marketing and bad management to sell a product that does not live up to its stated use.

This is one clear area where many businesses go awry - they churn out mediocre products that might sell but will never bring a return that will exceed expectations.

A lot of things have happened and I will fuse more the lessons I learned in politics and in business.

Are YOU Hungry? Let's eat!!!

I think let's be hungry for labor, wisdom, goodness, development, success, honesty, justice, love so that we can heal the nation.

I hope Noynoy can do the Mission/Vision and footsteps of this Noble Leaders.

Let's win the Olympics, win our economy, win honesty, win our Filipino's good noble character, win the worldwide business market, win the family value, win the game of life. We are all winner's of team Philippines in the winner's place.

I remember the story of Gandhi which describe as leadership by consent. Without powers, without clothes, without money we was followed by millions of people.
I dedicate this song by Michael Jackson to President Noynoy Aquino and all of our Leaders
Lets Make Change!

I agree with you Jay, one of the greatest achievement and victory of Noynoy Aquino's result. Speaks louder that money, credentials, wisdom can't buy people's heart. It's the heart and vision which is pure with noble character and wisdom captures the majority of the people's heart. Because (President Noynoy) He speaks for the truth that comes from the heart that's why he captured majority of the filipino voters. I hope noynoy can fight corruption and succeed in helping filipinos making them champion/winners in their talent, sports, expertise, profession saan man sa mundo!!!

Na maipagmamalaki nating tayo ay Pilipino, with great skill, great wisdom and noble good heart. Sana po magtulungan tayong linisin and ating bansa na lahat ng Pilipino ay maging sikat sa pagiging masipag, malikhain, matalento, magaling, mapagkakatiwalan, mabait at matapat na propesyonal sa buong mundo.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, Mabuhay and Bagong Pag Asa, Mabuhay Ka President Noynoy Aquino!!!
Ipagpagpatuloy mu yong magandang layunin ng iyong mga bayani at dakilang ama't ina.

I hope that Noynoy Can Quit smoking as people and US President Obama call him told him so.
I hope he will remain as a Statesman not a Politician.
I hope he will vow to his promise to distribute the Hacienda Luisita
I hope he will lead 0 percent corruption in the next 6 years
I hope he will honor the Filipino People and remain loyal to the constitution.
So lets do our share and help him, And So lets help us God!


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Tina said...

I voted Pres. Noynoy Aquino

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see the result tina, if leader is good he can influence people to be good. and penalize the abusive one. if leader is bad everything under that leader became bad..d worst is smart suicide move by former chief of staff...